Zaphir Wind Chimes

I am delighted and very excited to introduce to you our latest products at Angel of Wellness, the harmonious and beautiful sound healing Zaphir Wind Chimes.

Breath Work Experience

I stumbled across these chimes at a recent breath work event run by the stunning Zarah Boden here in sunny Marbella, Spain. Being relatively new to breath work, I was open to the experience; I really didn’t know what to expect. Apart from doing guided meditations, my breath work experience to date had amounted to a 17-minute Wim Hof breathing session.  It was incredibly energising and powerful. I was intrigued to see how I would feel after an hour of continual cyclical breathing!

It was certainly different! I wouldn’t say it was the most relaxing thing I have done. It takes some practice to continually breathe in and out for an hour. I found it quite difficult to start with.  It did make me realise how little attention we pay to our breath and how powerful it can be as a natural healer. The more we discover about the power of our breath, the more breath work I want to do. Just one minute of breathing slowly can help manage your emotions. Breathwork is particularly helpful in reducing stress because it helps you to alter your fight or flight state. In my practice as a massage therapist, I often show clients and friends the 4 square breathing technique which is quick and very easy to do. 

Meditation with Zaphir Chimes


By the end of the session, I felt very calm, most of the pain that I had been experiencing in my elbows and hands from my work massaging was gone! It was such a wonderful release. During the meditation, Zarah played a variety of tribal music and incorporated the healing sounds of the Zaphir Wind Chimes. I felt transported to another dimension, a truly magical journey! This is where I fell in love with these mobile chimes and hence decided to add them to our current Health and Wellness product range. I now use a Sufi wind chime at the end of every massage to awaken my clients and indicate the end of their massage experience.

So, what is a Zaphir Chime?

Zaphir Chimes have been around for well over 30 years. Loved for their quality, crystal clear sound and glowing colours. They are handmade at the Zaphir workshop. With their relaxing and harmonising sound, these chimes are a wonderful tool for relaxation.  Use them during breath work, yoga and meditation, during a massage, for Feng Shui as well as for sound and sound healing sessions and other forms of therapies.

How to use a Zaphir Wind Chime:
  • Simply hold the chime by its string and move it gently. The chime will play a magical harmony of sounds, leaving you in wonder, peace and relaxation
  • Suspended in a doorway, or in front of an open window. Allow the breeze to surprise you with the chimes unexpected melodies

These chimes come in a handy size, making these instruments easy to use, play and easily portable.


Can I leave my wind chime outside?

These chimes have been protected by a layer of eco-varnish and paint but like many items that are left outside permanently, they will deteriorate over time. Regular maintenance with varnish or oil will help to protect the chime but it cannot prevent from the negative effects of weather conditions.

If you do want your chime to be outside, it is best to suspend it under an overhanging roof, or in a slightly protected place. If your chime is protected from harsh external elements, it will continue playing its magic melodies for many years to come.


How many different chimes are available, and do they come in different colours?

These chimes are available in 5 different tunes their names relate to the 5 seasons and elements in Feng Shui. Click on the chime to listen to its sound. We have carefully selected two of the most popular colours per tune for you to choose from.

CRYSTALIDE (spring) = G A B D A G B D

SUNRAY (summer) = G#B C#E G#E A C#

TWILIGHT (autumn) = E G B C E G B C

SUFI (intermediary season) = F A D F A G A D

BLUE MOON (winter) = D F A B C E A#C