We would like to welcome our next guest blogger, ‘Warren Wheatgrass’ to share his personal journey, knowledge and future plans with us.

In 2012, Warren was diagnosed with cancer. Determined to reverse this diagnosis, he went on a wellness quest to find a way to heal his body. He radically changed his way of life! Whilst in search of ‘a cure’, he came across wheatgrass. The discovery of wheatgrass played a major role in his complete miraculous recovery. Keen to share his knowledge and expertise with other cancer sufferers and further afield, he took a huge leap of faith and decided to make a business out of it! This decision to grow wheatgrass on a larger scale has now become his passion and way of life.

Warren’s journey to wellness is incredible and humbling. We asked him some questions about his adventure, his love of wheatgrass and here’s what he had to say:


1.What type of cancer diagnosis did you receive and why do you think you got it?

I was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus. My cancer developed from a combination of things, a bad standard of living, bad eating habits and bad thinking!


2.When on your healing journey did you discover wheatgrass? And what does it do?

Straight after my diagnosis, I started my healing journey. I began juicing and looking at nutrition in general but after six months I still felt the same. That was when I discovered and introduced wheatgrass juicing and within a year I was given the ‘all clear’. It was a complete game changer for me.

Wheatgrass corrects your self-healing mechanisms and gives you the right fuel and building blocks to repair your body.

3.What role has changing your diet played on your road to cancer recovery?

Changing my diet was the key role in my recovery, 100%!


4.What are your 3 top tips for remaining cancer free?

    1. Stay alkalised
    2. Stay oxygenated
    3. Think correctly


5.Can anyone grow wheatgrass? And, how do you take it?

Yes, but it takes skill, lots of love and dedication. You can not simply seed the wheatgrass and leave it. I incorporate many magical techniques to ensure the highest quality of wheatgrass for my clients.

The amount you take varies on your condition. If you are generally healthy and well, once a day is fine. If you are waiting for a kidney transplant or have cancer, up to 3 shots a day would be ideal. They come in frozen, easy to store organic capsules and are easy to stomach.


6.I heard that you are setting up a training programme to teach budding enthusiasts the art of growing wheatgrass, please tell us more?

Yes I am, it’s very exciting. I am currently in the development stages of an online wheatgrass growing training programme and will have more information available soon. Watch this space!


If you would like to know more about Warren’s wheatgrass or to join one of his training programmes, please contact him. I know you will receive the warmest and kindest reception ever! He is super passionate and very knowledgeable, not only on the subject of wheatgrass but also on nutrition in general.   

With love from two huge wheatgrass fans.

Katharine and Nic xx


If you would like to contact Warren  for any advice on wheatgrass or overcoming cancer, please email: warren@warrenswheatgrass.com


Follow Warren on:

Insta: warrenswheatgrass

Web: http://www.warrenswheatgrass.com/