Shungite Videos

The True Story of Shungite

The Powers & Uses of Shungite

Building the Worldwide Shungite Healing Grid

Shungite Saves Bees

Omnia Radiation Balancing Stickers for EMF Protection and Health

Why Take Radiation Seriously?

Radiation Safety Standards

5G EMF Levels

Tesla's 7 Steps to Creation

Bluetooth Headphones: Are they dangerous?

Zaphir Wind Chimes

Wind Chime Sounds

Wind Chime Melodies

Wind Chime Meditation

Relaxing Zaphir Sounds

Listen to each of the following Zaphir Wind Chime sound to see which one resonates for you:


Zaphir Sufi Wind Chime in turquoise and orange


Blue Moon

Zahphir Blue Moon Wind chime in dark and light blue


Zaphir Sunray Wind Chimes in Red and Yellow


Zaphir Twilight Wind Chime in dark green and purple

doTERRA Essential Oils

Welcome to doTERRA

Why is doTERRA Different?

Sourcing Wintergreen

Essential Oils for Kids

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