I love my Shungite bracelet

I never thought I’d feel the benefits of Shungite as quickly as I have with my beautiful new bracelet. I am so happy with my purchase…

Massage with Katharine

I had a massage with Katharine a few days ago, it was incredible and that’s saying something as I’ve had a lot of massages…

Thank you

Having mentioned to Katharine that I was having trouble sleeping she suggested and supplied me with some Copaiba…

Beautiful Company

My lovely friend Katharine and her sister Nic have set up this beautiful company distributing many products!

Shungite Harmonising Rods and Tesla

I wanted to write a quick note to say thank you to Katharine at Angel of Wellness.
I use a lot of Shungite…

A Healing Experience

I had my first massage in several years with Katharine in her treatment room near Esporles…

This is a Gem!

“This is a gem! Fabulous ethically run family business. I wear my Angel necklace and Shungite bracelet every day…

Feeling Peaceful

I have a beautiful a Shungite necklace and a silver angel necklace. I wear them at all times. They keep me centered and make me feel at peace…

Angel of Wellness Products

Wonderful products and first rate customer service. So happy with all the Shungite jewellery and crystals…

Bioresonance Workshop in Mallorca

I went to a workshop on bio-resonance with Katharine and she is a WEALTH of knowledge…

Katharine’s massage

Katharine’s massage made me feel so relaxed, she knows exactly where to trigger the sensitive areas and address them…

Packaging and Delivery

Dear Katharine and Nic
Just to let you know that my parcel arrived safely. my that was quick! It was so carefully and loving wrapped and packaged…

Essential Oils and Shungite

Katharine at Angel of Wellness has been a lovely support for me. She has helped me incorporate essential oils during a particularly difficult time in my life…

Shungite Necklaces

I was first introduced to Shungite by Katharine almost a year ago now. In the beginning, after reading lovely things about what this stone’s properties actually were, we wore them everyday…


These Scrubbies are brilliant! The best thing about them is how soft they are. I use them to take my eye makeup off at night…

Angel of Hope Necklace

My lovelies. How are you both. I just wanted to touch base and to say how much I love wearing my Angel of Hope necklace.

All Your Wonderful Products

Thank you for starting this company with such a lovely products range and ever evolving ideas for wellbeing and thrival.

Twilight Zaphir Wind Chime

What a lovely way to spend a few hours. We visited Katharine at her home and enjoyed looking at all the Angel of Wellness products

Shungite 5cm Pyramid

You know what Katharine, this Shungite is more powerful than all my other crystals put together!“

NEW Shungite Bracelet with Gold Bar Clasp

I never thought I’d feel the benefits of Shungite as quickly as I have with my beautiful new bracelet. I am honestly so happy with my purchase.

NEW Soap Dish

Hot of the press and how happy am I to be one of your first customers. I really love my soap dish, it goes so well with our bathroom suite.

Twilight Zaphir Wind Chime

These chimes are really special and sound incredible, I couldn’t wait to get home to put mine up on the terrace.

Shungite Base Coat Paint

We were just about to start painting our living room when we met Katharine on an evening out and she started talking about the incredible properties of Shungite

Omnia Sticker Testimonial

After experiencing the kinesiology test, I was shocked to discover how little strength I had when my mobile phone was in my pocket.

Shungite Bracelet Testimonial

I don’t really write reviews but this page and all its wonderful products truly deserve one.

Shungite Testimonial

I am very grateful for having been introduced to Shungite, the effect on my health was instant.

Zaphir Wind Chime Testimonial

I super love my wind chime! It’s so gorgeous and I love the twinkly sounds and calming feelings that surround my home

My Shungite Gratitude Pebble

My gratitude pebble comes everywhere with me and just as suggested, I think of something that I am grateful for everytime I touch it.

Shungite and Omnia Testimonial

We are very impressed with all the products on offer from this site. We have opted to put Omnia stickers on all

Kangen Water Testimonial

I have wanted a Kangen Water machine for many years. After tasting this ionized and alkaline water at a friends house, there was no going back

doTERRA Essential Oil Testimonial

“Apart from ‘Life Changing’ I have no idea where to start to tell you how incredible doTERRA essential oils are

Shungite and Omnia Testimonial

After learning about the healing, re-balancing and anti-inflammatory benefits of Shungite, I decided to buy a bracelet to see if it would help

Angel of Wellness Testimonial

Angel of Wellness is an inspirational product range that embodies hope, energises life force and promotes healing of mind and body.

Shungite Testimonial

“Hi Katharine, just a quick note to let you know how I am getting on with my Shungite bracelet. 

Shungite Testimonial

Hi Katharine, This is just a quick message to let you know how blown away I am by the Shungite pendant I bought from you.

Angel of Hope Jewellery Testimonials

My Angel of Hope necklace has been a huge comfort for me ever since my mother died of breast cancer.

Angel of Wellness Soap Testimonial

“What an outstanding service I received from the Angel of Wellness team.

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