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Shungite 5cm Sphere and Support – Oct 2021

“My wife and I listened to Katharine speak about Shungite at a recent event and was fascinated hearing where it comes from, what it is and what the potential health benefits are to your body and how Shungite can be used in the home.

My wife mentioned that she wanted to have a sphere beside her bed and wondered if it would help improve her sleeping and I thought then that I would buy one for her for Christmas.

 And as if by magic, we went to a local coffee morning this week and there she was! She had a few of her Shungite items with her and I decided to ‘strike whilst the iron was hot’ and bought her a 5cm sphere and support.

I doubt I will wait until Christmas to give it to her due to her troubles sleeping!

We love your website and your products and have our eye on many things to buy as Christmas presents. Thanks.

 Rodney x

Shungite Bracelet – Oct 2021

“I had so much pain in thumb that it was even keeping me awake at night. I decided to try out one of these Shungite bracelets and was amazed at the results, I can hardly feel my thumb pain. It’s magic and I a total convert now.

Susan xxx

Leveluk SD501 PLATINUM

Read more at: https://www.kangen-water-machines.com/?c=products

Leveluk SD501 PLATINUM

Read more at: https://www.kangen-water-machines.com/?c=products

Shungite Bracelet – Oct 2021

 Thanking you so much for the time, effort and love that goes in to your work. Oh my goodness, you are amazing. I can’t thank you enough for my beautiful bracelets.  

My shungite 6mm is amazing and now my 6, 8 and 10mm crystals, shungite and lava stone totally takes my breath away. I love that I can use my dōTERRA oils on the lava beads to match my mood.
Looking forward to my next purchases. 
Thanking you again. 

Alex x

Scrubbies – Oct 2021

These Scrubbies are brilliant! The best thing about them is how soft they are. I use them to take my eye makeup off at night.  I have sensitive eyes so it’s great to finally find a nice, gentle re-usable pad.

I have been wanting to replace cotton pads for awhile now and had been searching online for a suitable alternative. During a coffee with a friend, she said I should try yours and she gave me your details.

I decided to buy the 5 pack of scrubbies and a Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Marjoram soap with soap bag (the soap is also amazing by the way! ) and whilst making my purchases I also noticed lots of other lovely products I would like!

I am really intrigued to discover more about Shungite and will do some further research and now at least I have plenty of things to add to my Christmas list this year!


Angel of Hope Sterling Silver Necklace – Sept 2021

“My lovelies. How are you both. I just wanted to touch base and to say how much I love wearing my angel necklace.

It gives me a great deal of comfort, it really does and I don’t know why it took me so long to get one.

The best thing is that I wear it everyday and everyday I think of you both and am so proud at what you are doing and congratulate you on your business success.

I wish you all the love and luck in the World, you deserve it!

Jill xxx

Leveluk SD501 PLATINUM

Read more at: https://www.kangen-water-machines.com/?c=products

Leveluk SD501 PLATINUM

Read more at: https://www.kangen-water-machines.com/?c=products

All Your Wonderful Products – Aug 2021

Dear AOH

“Thank you for starting this company with such a lovely products range and ever evolving ideas for wellbeing and thrival.  I adore the hand made soaps, they last for ages with beautiful smells.  

The wind chimes are amazing, the quality of the sound is so clear.  I bought one for myself that I find very soothing and relaxing when I sip my tea outside and a gentle breeze blows.  

All your products make such lovely gifts for others or delightful treats for me!  I also love the angel necklaces and have bought a number for special gifts for birthdays or grieving friends.  They have brought great comfort to all who wear them. 

The Shungite necklace goes with me where ever I go and I love the idea that it absorbs all the negativity around me so I can live in my happy bubble!

The doterra oils are a must too!

Tippy xoxoxoxo

Shungite 5cm Pyramid – July 2021

You know what Katharine, this Shungite is more powerful than all my other crystals put together!

Out of the mouth of babes… very cute!


Twilight Zaphir Wind Chime – July 2021

“What a lovely way to spend a few hours. We visited Katharine at her home and enjoyed looking at all the Angel of Wellness products and in particular we enjoyed listening to the Zaphir Wind Chimes. My son and I fell in love with their harmonic tones and could feel their healing vibrations.

We spent about an hour listening to the different sounds and playing them in various combinations to see which ones we liked the best. It was so much fun and wonderfully healing. I loved the Twilight and Sufi the most and my son loved the Blue Moon.

It was difficult to make a final decision, so we ended up buying two and they are both on our terrace at home gently emitting healing sounds as we relax in the summer heat of Spain!

Thank you Katharine for welcoming us into your home and for showing us your fascinating range of products.

We will be back for more!”

Gilly and Joe.

Leveluk SD501 PLATINUM

Read more at: https://www.kangen-water-machines.com/?c=products

Leveluk SD501 PLATINUM

Read more at: https://www.kangen-water-machines.com/?c=products

NEW Shungite Bracelet with Gold Bar Clasp – July 2021

I never thought I’d feel the benefits of Shungite as quickly as I have with my beautiful new bracelet. I am honestly so happy with my purchase.

With being a beautician/masseuse, I am always using my hands and I started to develop what looks a bit like arthritis on my little finger. Since wearing my bracelet I no longer have that ache and discomfort.

Not only are the benefits amazing it’s also very pretty! I couldn’t recommend Katharine enough.”


NEW Soap Dish – June 2021

Hot of the press and how happy am I to be one of your first customers. I really love my soap dish, it goes so well with our bathroom suite.

I love the fact that your friends in Spain made them specifically for you and that you made the soap yourself Nic, it’s a really lovely gift.

I will definitely be buying a few more for birthday presents.

Jan x

Twilight Zaphir Wind Chime – May 2021

“These chimes are really special and sound incredible, I couldn’t wait to get home to put mine up on the terrace. It plays a harmonious, relaxing and enchanting sound even when there is only a little breeze..

I loved every one of the five different sounds and although I decided on the Twilight, I think I will have to get another one soon. I can imagine that they sound even more magical the more you have together.

Listening to my chime at night on a breezy evening is just wonderful.”


Leveluk SD501 PLATINUM

Read more at: https://www.kangen-water-machines.com/?c=products

Leveluk SD501 PLATINUM

Read more at: https://www.kangen-water-machines.com/?c=products

Shungite Base Coat Paint – May 2021

“We were just about to start painting our living room when we met Katharine on an evening out and she started talking about the incredible properties of Shungite and how it can absorb harmful EMFs.

Both my wife and I are really sensitive to electro-magnetic frequencies and already ensure that our mobile devices and any electronic equipment are never in our bedrooms but we have plenty of devices in our living room such as the wifi router, our main fuse box for the house, the television and so it goes on.

After listening to what Katharine was saying we decided to buy an 11cm Shungite Sphere with Support and a pot of Shungite Base Coat paint.

We painted the wall behind our television and wifi router with the light grey base paint and then covered it with a couple of coats of top coat.

Knowing that the EMFs are being absorbed into the wall and not into our bodies is really reassuring and we both feel better already.

What a clever development Katharine and just to let you know, we thought the paint box explained exactly what it does and the user guide was easy to use.

Thank you, we are very grateful to you.

Brain and Sue x

Angel Necklace Testimonial – April 2021

After being fortunate for meeting Katharine a few years ago, all of her products have made their way into our home.

The essential oils and especially the Shungite have all had positive effects on myself and family. Not forgetting my beautiful angel which I never remove from around my neck.


Omnia Sticker Testimonial – April 2021

“After experiencing the kinesiology test, I was shocked to discover how little strength I had when my mobile phone was in my pocket.

I have always thought that my mobile was affecting my body in a negative way, especially how hot my face feels after a long conversation on the phone.

I didn’t know that there was a new type of energy and technology that could help reduce the effects of my mobile.

I decided to buy two omnia stickers, one for my wife and one for me. It’s a great feeling knowing that we are protected and that the stickers don’t ‘run out of juice’ so to speak!

In addition, my 7cm Shungite pyramid is in front of my computer at work and I noticeably feel less tired throughout the day.”

Oh yes, and my massage was excellent by the way, an hour and a half is definitely the way to go, Angel of Wellness – a one stop shop!


Leveluk SD501 PLATINUM

Read more at: https://www.kangen-water-machines.com/?c=products

Leveluk SD501 PLATINUM

Read more at: https://www.kangen-water-machines.com/?c=products

Shungite Bracelet Testimonial – April 2021

I don’t really write reviews but this page and all its wonderful products truly deserve one.

I was introduced to Shungite through a very good friend of mine Audrey. I was complaining about my frozen shoulder which has been giving me so much pain from the top of my right arm down to my elbow for the past 3/4 years.

I’ve been to specialist doctors who have referred me to hospital where I was given injections for the pain which only work for a little while. Audrey asked me if I had ever heard of Shungite which I had not, I was so intrigued by what she told me that I ordered myself a bracelet made from Shungite.

I bought it 5 weeks ago to see if would help my pain and I can honestly say it’s working tremendously for me. My pain used to be on a scale of 1/10 an 8/9 now it’s like a 2 or nothing!!!

I’m so grateful that she’s introduced it to to me. The lovely Katharine, one of the owners, explained to me exactly how it works and I was in awe.

I strongly recommend Angel of Wellness.

Wonderful Staff  – Wonderful Healing

THANKYOU 🙏🏽❤️💕💙🌹


Shungite Testimonial – March 2021

“I am very grateful for having been introduced to Shungite, the effect on my health was instant.

I initially bought a sphere with the support that I placed next to my working space and then a necklace that relieved a pain in my chest.”

Thank you Katharine


Zaphir Wind Chime Testimonial – Feb 2021

“I super love my wind chime! It’s so gorgeous and I love the twinkly sounds and calming feelings that surround my home when the wind in blowing!

I have put mine in the arch of my kitchen window and when the breeze comes through, it brings a smile to my face.

These chimes are great to give as presents too and with a wide variety of colours and different tunes, there is something for everyone. I did find choosing tricky as I loved them all.”

Another great product, thanks.

Wendy. x

Leveluk SD501 PLATINUM

Read more at: https://www.kangen-water-machines.com/?c=products

Leveluk SD501 PLATINUM

Read more at: https://www.kangen-water-machines.com/?c=products

Shungite Gratitude Pebble Testimonial – Feb 2021

“My gratitude pebble comes everywhere with me and just as suggested, I think of something that I am grateful for everytime I touch it. I even sleep with it! I don’t know why but it really does feel like a little magical stone.

I also bought the Shungite elite earrings which I love wearing, especially when I am holding my mobile to my ear knowing that it helps absorb the frequencies from my phone. 

Thanks for the intro to Shungite, next is to buy some 3D objects for my home, maybe with my next pay check!”

Sarah xxx

Shungite and Omnia Testimonial – Jan 2021

We are very impressed with all the products on offer from this site. We have opted to put Omnia stickers on all our phones and devices, and feel much better for it.

We have Shungite blocking our Wi-Fi and cordless phone area and we are all wearing Shungite around our necks.

It feels great to be blocking the harmful rays which disrupt our natural circadian rhythms. I would definitely recommend these products. 

Thank You, Chrissy

Kangen Water  Testimonial – Jan 2021

“I have wanted a Kangen Water machine for many years. After tasting this ionized and alkaline water at a friends house, there was no going back, I just had to get one. It tasted so different and you could tell instantly that it was good for you.

After doing some research of my own and after speaking with Katharine from Angel of Wellness, I decided to take the plunge and buy a Platinum Leveluk SD501 machine, a decision I will never regret.

We know that tap water has chlorine and other impurities in it and therefore it is extra special knowing that the water my family and I drink has been purified through 7 filters and the process of electrolysis have created highly antioxidant water.

The whole family won’t drink anything else! We are also doing our bit to help save the environment because we no longer use or buy plastic bottles, we simply reuse our aluminum bottles time and time again.

Such a fabulous product and thank you for your helping me to  install it, that was going above and beyond the call of duty!”

Sam x

Leveluk SD501 PLATINUM

Read more at: https://www.kangen-water-machines.com/?c=products

Leveluk SD501 PLATINUM

Read more at: https://www.kangen-water-machines.com/?c=products


doTERRA Essential Oil Testimonial – 2021

“Apart from ‘Life Changing’ I have no idea where to start to tell you how incredible doTERRA essential oils are.

I went to a talk given by Katharine a year ago. I was generally interested in oils and wanted to use some in my yoga studio.

After expressing my interest in these oils, my yoga students decided to buy me a ‘Home Essentials Kit’ for Christmas and I have fallen in love with the whole concept.

There are so many wonderful oils and they all do different things whether physically, mentally or emotionally. I have a few favourites, one of which is Oregano, it’s very strong for most people but I love it.

I use Peppermint or Lemongrass with my students before a class and during Shavasana, I put a drop of Lavender on everyone’s eye masks, the  aromas are beautiful and you can tell there is nothing synthetic about them.

The kit I was given was brilliant, it came with ten of the most popular oils and a diffuser. I have since added to my collection and continue to learn more and more about their various uses.

I am very grateful to you, Katharine for introducing me to these oils. With Love and Thanks. Helen.

Shungite and Omnia Testimonial – Jan 2021

“After learning about the healing, re-balancing and anti-inflammatory benefits of Shungite, I decided to buy a bracelet to see if it would help with my RSI, something I have been suffering with for years working as a beauty therapist.

A few weeks later, I noticed that I hadn’t had a flare up and that the inflammation and discomfort was gone. I was pleasantly surprised and very happy.

I also bought an Omnia sticker for my mobile phone to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies, especially as I am on my phone all the time. I can really feel the positive benefits and knowing that I am protecting myself, it gives me peace of mind. I would like to buy a few more for my other electronic devices.

I love the products offered by Angel of Wellness and often talk about them with friends and clients, I look forward to seeing what products will be introduced next!”

Love Joanna x

Angel of Wellness Testimonial – Jan 2021

Angel of Wellness is an inspirational product range that embodies hope, energises life force and promotes healing of mind and body. I love the Angel of Hope necklace message that can be used symbolically as an object to be held during the many challenges that can be faced in life and grief that touches all our hearts.

Another of my favourite products is Shungite, this is an incredible stone that can be used for grounding and purification of water and air. I find that the stone helps me to sleep and I often hold a gratitude pebble if I feel anxious. Shungite can also be worn as an item of jewellery which I also enjoy.

I have recently started using Omnia stickers on my phone and devices as a protective mechanism from EMF, it centres and neutralises negative energy that rebounds from these products. All of the above in combination with the beautiful Doterra Oils that have an enormous range of physical and mental health benefits, purifying the air and surfaces in our homes.

I couldn’t recommend Angel of Wellness enough, created by two beautiful inspiring sisters Katharine and Nic.

With love Nat. x

Shungite Testimonial – Dec 2020

“Hi Katharine, just a quick note to let you know how I am getting on with my Shungite bracelet. 🙂

I was probably a ‘non-believer’ before and tried the bracelet thinking ‘why not, it wouldn’t do any harm to give it a go’ but I have been very pleasantly surprised!

It has been about 4 months since I started using it and I haven’t look back! After a year of ongoing trouble with my wrist due to arthritis, I have to admit, that it now feels almost completely back to normal.

I am still being careful but the pain has significantly reduced and I am now able to use the weights in the gym again, which makes me very happy.

So thank you for introducing me to Shungite and thank you for the fantastic service to repair my bracelet when I broke it!

I wish you all the best, cheers.”

Peggy. x

Shungite Testimonial – Dec 2020

“Hi Katharine, this is just a quick message to let you know how blown away I am by the Shungite pendant I bought from.you, I haven’t taken it off since! I’m absolutely… so excited.

The chronic chest inflammation I have had for the past eight weeks has simply melted away over this past week. I am a huge lover and believer of crystal healing energy but this Shungite is on another level. I can’t thank you enough.

If I hadn’t have experienced this myself, I would think it was a fantasy but it’s real. I have gone from struggling to breathe with chronic inflammation/asthma which I have suffered with for 10 years, to an almost completely clear chest. Thank you again.”

Denise xxx

Angel of Hope Jewellery Testimonial – Dec 2020 

“My Angel of Hope necklace has been a huge comfort for me ever since my mother died of breast cancer. I often hold my angel in my fingers during times of sadness and stress and somehow I feel comforted and it gives me the strength to carry on.”    

Alison xx

“I am writing to say a big ‘Thank You’. I gave my sister one of your sterling silver Angel of Hope necklaces for her 50th birthday, in June this year and she absolutely loves it! ”   

Tanya x

“I just bought myself a 9ct yellow gold angel pendant after admiring these stunning angels for awhile. I am so happy with my necklace and I wear it with pride. People often ask me where I got it from, which is very complimentary.”     

Livia xx

Gifts from Nature Soap Testimonial – Nov 2020

“What an outstanding service I received from the Angel of Wellness team. They gave great advice as to what products would suit my family and I decided on a selection of soaps made with essential oils.  These products are of a high quality and are perfect for my busy family home. 

Due to COVID we are washing our hands more and more and these 100% natural soaps are so kind to our skin and also last considerably longer than a supermarket bar.  We now use them in our kitchen and all our bathrooms. 

The smells are divine and luxurious, I would not hesitate to purchase again.” 

Henrietta x