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• New Shungite water bottles for water purification
• Top sellers this month – Silver Angel of Hope necklaces on invisible cord.

Why choose Angel of Wellness

Kind & Caring

We care about the products we offer and the people we work with and sell to.

Excellent Quality & Sustainable

We care about how our products are made and how sustainable they are and are proud that everything can be recycled.

Family Run & Reliable

We are a family run business juggling a household and working. we love what we do in between school runs, homework and sporting fixtures.


“These Scrubbies are brilliant! The best thing about them is how soft they are. I use them to take my eye makeup off at night. I have sensitive eyes so it’s great to finally find a nice, gentle re-usable pad.

I have been wanting to replace cotton pads for awhile now and had been searching online for a suitable alternative. During a coffee with a friend, she said I should try yours and she gave me your details.

I decided to buy the 5 pack of scrubbies and a Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Marjoram soap with soap bag (the soap is also amazing by the way! ) and whilst making my purchases I also noticed lots of other lovely products I would like!

I am really intrigued to discover more about Shungite and will do some further research and now at least I have plenty of things to add to my Christmas list this year!


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