What is Shungite?


  • is a powerful, non-crystalline mineraloid consisting of up to 98% carbon.
  • consists of potent anti-radiation materials which help reduce the effects of harmful Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs).
  • is rich in ‘Fullerenes’ a crystalline modification of carbon that absorbs free radicals.
  • cleanses and purifies water from harmful bacteria, pesticides and heavy metals.
  • neutralizes geopathic stress and tension.
  • promotes and aids peaceful sleep.
  • boosts your energy levels.
  • fortifies the immune system.
  • balances your mind and emotions.
  • provides relaxation, crystal healing and promotes spiritual awakening.

Shungite is only found in one place on Earth, it was discovered in Shunga, a village in Karelia, Russia from where it gets its name.

The deposit of Shungite extends over a vast area of 9000 square km (3,475 square miles) near Lake Onega.

Scientists estimate that this natural mineraloid is over 2 billion years old.

What are Fullerenes?

Fullerenes are known as the “Universal Antioxidant Remedy of the 21st Century”.

In 1966, The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Professor Robert F Curl Jr, Sir Harold W Kroto and Richard E Smalley for their ‘discovery of Fullerenes’ found naturally in Shungite also known as Carbon C60.

A fullerene is a molecule composed entirely of carbon in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid or tube. Spherical fullerenes are called buckyballs or C60 buckminsterfullerenes and they resemble a football in shape. Cylindrical ones are called carbon nanotubes or buckytubes.


  • are the most powerful ever known antioxidants that shield our bodies from the effects of free radicals suppressing the processes of peroxidation and free radical oxidation
  • have the ability to accelerate the neutralization of poisons and toxins of various origins
  • they normalize cellular metabolism, increase enzyme activity and increase the resistance of the cell to external influences (from heating to virus infection)
  • normalize nervous processes, influencing the exchange of neurotransmitters, improving efficiency and resistance to stress.
  • have apparent anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effect, because of that they relieve pain, suppress a wide range of allergic diseases and improve immunity
  • have been shown to be effective, both before and after irradiation protecting primarily red blood cells and the hematopoietic system.

Uses of Shungite:

  • wear a piece of shungite jewellery to protect you from harmful EMF’s, to help you feel grounded and to aid peaceful sleep.
  • put a decorative piece of Shungite like a sphere, cube or pyramid in your home to harmonise the effects of negative electro-magnetic frequencies.
  • place pieces of Shungite near/or on your electronic devices in the home to absorb their harmful radiation and magnetic frequencies without affecting their performance.
  • keep a ‘Shungite pebble in your pocket’ to de-stress, keep calm and protect you from your external environment.
  • paint your home with IBRIUM-C60 Shungite Base Coat Paint to protect your home from all harmful EMF’s.
  • purify your water by putting chunks of Shungite Elite (98% carbon) in your water. Leave for 2-3 hours or ideally overnight for best results.

Why should I buy a piece of Shungite rather than a Tesla Purple Plate or an Omnia Radiation (ORB) sticker?

They ALL do same thing with regards to harmonising electromagnetic frequencies but they also have different, additional health benefits and practical applications.


  • is 100% natural and was discovered in Russia
  • can be worn as a piece of jewellery for daily protection
  • can be bought as beautiful 3D objects to be used in the home
  • cleanses and purifies water from harmful bacteria, pesticides and heavy metals
  • boosts your energy levels and fortifies the immune system
  • promotes and aids peaceful sleep balancing your mind and emotions
  • provides relaxation, crystal healing and promotes spiritual awakening

 Tesla Purple Plates:

  • are available to wear as a necklace or hung in various places.
  • are ideal where you need to use something thin, under a pillow, in a bag or under your bottom in the car or in a dog bed for example.
  • help elevate migraines and insomnia, rheumatic diseases, injuries and pains, post-traumatic conditions, ease nausea and vomiting, relieves stress, elevate energy levels and eliminate exhaustion.
  • help improve your cell regeneration process.
  • are man-made from pure aluminum marked Al 99.5.
  • are electrochemically coloured and then anodized.
  • have beneficial integrated frequencies that have been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on all living beings on the planet.
  • have had a special sound and vibration process applied.

 Omnia Radiation (ORB) Stickers:

  • are simple, discreet stickers that are ideal for all your portable radiating devices; mobile phones, tablets, lap tops or on any other radiating devices
  • are good to use where it is impractical to have a 3D piece of Shungite or a hanging Tesla Purple Plate
  • uses ‘Deca’ energy. This is a new expression of energy which has only been known in our atmosphere since 2007
  • uses the ‘power of conscious human intent’ to harmonise and balance the body

What to buy, will come down to what ‘resonates’ with you. Look at your application needs and health issues to help you decide.

We love them all. We have a mixture in our homes, Shungite decorative 3D pieces throughout the house, Tesla for our children who all suffer from motion sickness and ORB stickers on our electronic radiating devices.

Empower your family by incorporating Shungite in your home.

We provide simple solutions for everyday Health and Wellness issues for you and your family, whilst caring for our environment.

“I am not quite sure how to explain it, but my new Shungite cube somehow acts like a vortex. I work with and am surrounded by computers all day and I can really feel it absorbing something. It’s quite incredible, tangible and a bit of a surprise to be honest!”

Justin Menchen @ Marbella Mac Solutions