Gratitude Rocks or Pebbles are becoming increasingly more popular as people continue in their search for happiness and for ways to help improve their mental health and life in general. The entrepreneur, life and business coach, Lee Brower made a wonderful contribution to a book called ‘The Secret’, a book about the power of positive thinking. In ‘The Secret’, he explained how one day he picked up a pebble and put it in his pocket. As he touched the pebble, it sparked an idea; he decided that every time he touched his ‘rock’ he would think of one thing he was grateful for. Our Shungite ‘Gratitude Pebbles’ are the next generation on from Lee’s idea. Our Shungite ‘Gratitude Pebbles’ not only serve as a gratitude reminder but in addition additional health and wellness benefits and an energetic quality. How to use a Shungite ‘Gratitude Pebble’?

  1. Simply carry your Gratitude Pebble in your pocket at all times
  2. Every time you touch your pebble, think of one thing that you are grateful for

These pebbles are a useful tool to help you think and focus on gratitude which helps you feel better and more positive. You can also give these magical pebbles to your family and friends as the ideal gift of intention.  Shungite Gratitude Pebbles:

  1. help protect you from and absorb harmful electromagnetic frequencies found all around us (EMF’s)
  2. protect you from the harmful affects of mobile phone waves (EMF’s) which attack your energetic balance, your health and your cerebral and auditory functions
  3. are full of antioxidants which inhibit the process of oxidation and peroxidation of free radicals. A deficiency of antioxidants can result in the destruction of cells leading to heart attacks, neuro-degenerative diseases and cancer
  4. are full of fullerenes, a molecular structure which reduce the concentration of free radicals
  5. fullerenes help normalize cellular metabolism, increase enzymatic activity, stimulate the ability of tissues to regenerate and possess anti-inflammatory properties
  6. help when you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious anxiety
  7. aid peaceful sleep (insomnia) and help you feel grounded

What happens when you focus on Gratitude?

  1. you simply feel better when you focus on positive emotions rather than negative ones
  2. you feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness and have a stronger immune system
  3. grateful thinking improves your mood and relationships
  4. grateful thinking provides more than a quick burst of health and happiness
  5. gratitude can actually rewire your brain to help you feel extra thankful for months
  6. it can even help you feel motivated to exercise

Where can I buy a Shungite Gratitude Pebble? Visit our ‘Shungite Shop’ to buy your Shungite Gratitude Pebbles. We have pebbles available in both Small £6/€7 and Large £9/€10 sizes. See our range of Shungite products to help improve the health and wellness for you and your family. “Gratitude empowers us to take charge of our emotional lives and, as a consequence, our bodies reap the benefits. As a treatment, gratitude is cost effective, quick and available to everyone. There are no known negative side effects! It is not a cure-all, of course, but it can significantly enhance the effects of conventional medical treatments. The effects of gratitude are not limited to the physical realm. Just to give a glimpse into its benefits, gratitude increases self-esteem, enhances will power, strengthens relationships, deepens spirituality, boosts creativity and improves athletic and academic performance. Given the range of these positive outcomes, gratitude has fittingly been referred to as the quintessential positive trait, the amplifier of goodness in oneself, the world and others, and as having the unique ability to heal, energize and change lives.” Thank you to Dr Robert A Emmons who published this in ‘The Little Book of Gratitude’.