I don’t really write reviews but but my shungite bracelet and all of the Angel of Wellness wonderful products truly deserve one.

My very good friend, Audrey, introduced me to Shungite. I was complaining about my frozen shoulder which has been giving me so much pain from the top of my right arm down to my elbow for the past 3/4 years.

I’ve been to specialist doctors who have referred me to hospital. There I was given injections for the pain which only worked for a little while. Audrey asked me if I had ever heard of Shungite which I had not. I was so intrigued by what she told me that I ordered myself a shungite bracelet.

I bought it 5 weeks ago to see if would help my pain and I can honestly say it’s working tremendously for me. My pain used to be on a scale of 1/10 an 8/9 now it’s like a 2 or nothing!!!

I’m so grateful that she’s introduced it to to me. The lovely Katharine, one of the owners, explained to me exactly how it works and I was in awe.

I strongly recommend Angel of Wellness.

Wonderful Staff  – Wonderful Healing

THANKYOU ??❤️???