“We were just about to start painting our living room when we met Katharine on an evening out and she started talking about the incredible properties of Shungite and how it can absorb harmful EMFs.

Both my wife and I are really sensitive to electro-magnetic frequencies and already ensure that our mobile devices and any electronic equipment are never in our bedrooms but we have plenty of devices in our living room such as the wifi router, our main fuse box for the house, the television and so it goes on.

After listening to what Katharine was saying we decided to buy an 11cm Shungite Sphere with Support and a pot of Shungite Base Coat paint.

We painted the wall behind our television and wifi router with the light grey base paint and then covered it with a couple of coats of top coat.

Knowing that the EMFs are being absorbed into the wall and not into our bodies is really reassuring and we both feel better already.

What a clever development Katharine and just to let you know, we thought the paint box explained exactly what it does and the user guide was easy to use.

Thank you, we are very grateful to you.

Brain and Sue x