What is the Shungite Bee Project in Mallorca?

When Katharine moved to Mallorca a year and a half ago, she began to meet other likeminded individuals who loved either shungite or bees as much as she did and they all started talking. Katharine had always wanted to have bees and with a few friends she managed to set up four Shungite Beehives with the support of beekeepers from Abeliflor. Being a novice to beekeeping, she called upon the experts to help her.

Katharine is passionate about raising the awareness of shungite and how it can be used to help prevent bees suffering from Colony Collapse Disorder amongst other great benefits. She now, in collaboration with four incredible organisations have joined forces to deliver the shungite bee project in Mallorca.

This project joins together a wealth of expertise and knowledge with love and dedication to increase the number of people owning and supporting bees on the island. We currently have 70 Shungite Beehives across the island and our aim is for another 100 this year. At each of our collaborators venues, we will be hosting a Shungite & Crystal lunch offering a honey themed meal from garden to table and raising funds to support this worthy project.

For more information, please get in touch.

Shungite Bee Project Collaborators

Why Shungite Beehives

  • Our precious bees have been dying from Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and Shungite helps prevent this collapse.
  • Shungite protect the bees from harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies, EMFs.
  • Our Shungite beehives have a tray attached to the front where Shungite powder and 3 Shungite nuggets are put at the entrance for the bees. We also paint the hives in Shungite paint for extra support and temperature regulation.
  • The bees coat themselves in Shungite powder or rub themselves on the Shungite nuggets before leaving the hive giving them a field of protection which in turn helps them find their way back to the hive.
  • When they pollinate the plants, they are also dropping tiny Shungite particles from their bodies which in turn enhances all life on Earth improving the flora and fauna where ever they go.

Shungite Chips and Powder to use with beehives

If you would like to incorporate Shungite Chips and Powder with your beehives, we have bags of both you can distribute at the entrance to your hives. If you need further support, please get in touch and we will happily advise you.

What can you do to help?

Become a Shungite Bee Owner in Mallorca

We are looking for more people in Mallorca to invest in Shungite Beehives.

If you have always wanted to have bees but do not have the time to care for them, we have a perfect solution for you.

Shungite Abellaiflor Beekeepers
‘Stress-free Beekeeping for the Bee-zy!’
Who are Abellaiflor?

Abellaiflor are a specialist team of beekeepers that set up and manage Shungite Beehives (a minimum of three) here in Mallorca.

They look after your beehives throughout the year and take responsibility for every part of the honey production process, including delivering your honey to you after every harvest.

They will take all the stress away from managing bees.

You pay a monthly fee and they will do the rest. They even deliver your honey to you after harvesting!

Contact Alexandra – Abelliflor
+34 601 900 107

Support our Shungite Beehive Project with a financial gift

If you would love to have bees but can’t for any reason, why don’t you gift some money towards our Mallorca based Shungite Beehive Project.

Your gift will support our vital Shungite Beehive Projects throughout Mallorca.

If you would like to give us a one gift, please choose from the following:

Contact us on:
+34 693 033 943

Put up Mason/Carpenter Beehives and more...

You don’t need to have a honeybee hive to help save the bees in your own environment, there are a variety of other options:

Put a Mason/Carpenter bee house on your fence or on a tree. Mason or Carpenter bees are a stingless bees that live in nearly all areas, not to mention they pollenate much better than the average honeybee. They visit more flowers and faster than an average bee.

Place a bee/bird bath on your property with a Shungite nugget in the water (bees will travel up to 7 miles to find a water source).

If we all place a bee bath in our gardens they won’t have to travel as far, so they can spend more time collecting pollen and pollenating the local foliage/plants.

Plant your native bee attracting flowers (dandelions or clover) nearby as an easy abundant food source for your local bees.

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