It’s time to jump in both feet first and welcome our next guest blogger, ‘Shungite Sally’, a wonderful reflexologist to tickle our toes with her depth of knowledge and wellness wisdom.

Sally is a brilliant reflexologist who incorporates the power of organic Essential Oils and Shungite stones during her treatments. Her company is called Green Reflexology and she is based on the south coast of Spain, working between San Pedro and Sotogrande.

If you are lucky enough to experience one of her treatments, you will come away floating and feeling on top of the world. We at Angel of Wellness share many similar passions, Shungite, essential oils, growing fruit and veg, spending time in nature and reducing toxins, so it was a no brainer and joy to ask Sally a few questions:

1.When did you become a reflexologist and why?

For the past 30 years and more I’ve had an unwavering passion in the pursuit of healing the body naturally. As a young child upon hearing what a dietician was, I told my Mum that when I grow up I was going to help people ‘get better’ by telling them what to eat! Whilst I did not train in nutrition, it was to be my first area of passion as far as holistic health goes.

Then at the age of 14, a chronic illness within my family went on to initiate my interest in the truth about natural immunity and healing. After being deeply influenced by a Reflexologist I met in my late teens, I trained to become one in 2004 with advanced techniques using the Eunice Ingham method for the feet. I am now 49 and have since gone on to further my techniques and combine my knowledge with natural immunity.

I never stop learning and helping people where I can.  At one time I was not practicing Reflexology because of helping run the family business and a kite surfing injury to my hand. Thankfully I made a full recovery from the latter and am now working full time in Reflexology on the Costa Del Sol.

2.What is reflexology and who would benefit from a treatment?

Reflexology is applied pressure to areas of the feet that correlate to our organs, glands and bones. It can help bring about a state of deep relaxation and initiate the body’s own healing process. The exact origin of Reflexology is hard to pin point and may date back as far as 4000BC (China) but it is believed the first recordings were those on the walls of the Ankhamor’s ‘Physician Tomb’ in Egypt, circa 2300 BC (you can find more details about this on my website). Reflexology can also be carried out on the hands and ears however, I specialise on working with feet.

It can help improve circulation, bolster the lymphatic system and detoxification process, reduce anxiety and insomnia, boost the immune system, help balance the hormonal system  (the list goes on!) and help return the body to a state of balance and well-being. Reflexology is not intended to diagnose or cure. Instead each treatment is tailor made for you and works on bringing about homeostasis within the body, mind and soul.

Pretty much everybody can benefit from Reflexology – from young children to the elderly. On some occasions I require a doctors note (for example if you have cancer and on chemo) and I will always carry out an in-depth consultation beforehand to ascertain any reason why we cannot proceed. I will also ask before someone comes what is the main reason they are coming and do they suffer from any serious medical conditions. If someone is in their first trimester of pregnancy and I have not worked with them before then we will wait until around 13 weeks before proceeding.


3.You post some really informative information on Instagram about reflexology, shungite and essential oils, how did this trio come about?

Good question. This was a really natural process for me.  Having trained in reflexology I then started to learn about aromatherapy oils. I had always loved scent so it seemed a natural progression to start to learn about the amazing benefits of essential oils. This was around 17 years ago and whilst I was also a certified massage therapist it never occurred to me at the time to start using essentials oils specifically on the feet during reflexology. That came much later and now I incorporate organic essential oils into the reflexology treatment as part of the work I do.

As far as Shungite goes, around 8 years ago I was listening to a podcast on how to protect the body from the effects of  modern electromagnetic radiation such as wifi and mobile phones. 15 years previously I had become very sensitised to the effects of mobile phones to the point where I was quite unwell and whilst I fully healed myself, I have always retained an interest in this area and help teach my clients today how to balance and protect the body in regards to this subject. So when I heard this doctor talking about the top ten antioxandats to use to protect the cells against these fields and she talked about a mineraloid called Shungite, this got my immediate attention.

How could a stone be an antioxidant!???  My passion for this magic mineraloid started there. Again like the essential oils, I brought the Shungite into my reflexology treatments much later on.  In her book ‘Protection, Healing and Detoxification’ the French geobiologist Regina Martino talks about the positive effects of using Shungite during reflexology and how this helps deepen the process already taking place during reflexology session. Now I use Shungite stones like hot stones on the feet and have an extended 75 minute treatment where I bring the stone into the session a lot more.


4.Why is it important to help people reduce toxins from their lives?

We live in toxic times. Whether it is the water we drink, the air we breathe, the pesticides in our food or chemicals within our homes. I believe it is necessary to support our detoxification system as often as we can.

Reflexology combined with organic aromatherapy oils and the use of Shungite stones and water is a convenient and powerful way to incorporate detoxification into our lifestyles. All three used together or even separately can help support the detoxification process that is so important for today.

5.You have a lovely range of ‘ready to use’ unique essential oil roller ball blends, tell us more about them?

My roller ball range was born out of clients asking if I sold the personal blends that I was already using in my treatment room. As I don’t sell these oil blends to go in the diffuser, the next best way for clients to incorporate these powerful oils is by using a pre-diluted roller ball which comprises of a base oil plus the blends in question.

These can then be applied to the feet for example morning and night or on areas not fully exposed to the sun. I have also included three TINY little pieces of Shungite Elite to each bottle. Elite is the most powerful form of Shungite and what better way for clients to continue on from the positive effects of their reflexology treatment with me by massaging their own feet with their favourite blend of oils infused with Elite Shungite!

For now Flourish, Flow, Balance, Calm, Bliss –  and new to the range –  Abundance – prove to be a very popular.


6.You grow vegetables using shungite, why? and what are some of the results and benefits?

Yes! Using Shungite powder or raw stones in agriculture is just another way that the amazing benefits of Shungite can be utilised.  I have an organic vegetable garden and use Shungite (I mix the powder into the soil and use the stone as a grid system throughout) to help chelate any residual pesticides that may be in the earth, bring in extra minerals and antioxidants to the soils and to help protect insects especially bees.

Research shows that using Shungite Beehives for example not only helps halt the collapse of their colonies, it also helps replenish the bee population and increase honey production!

As far as my veggies go, people can be cynical when they are uneducated in this area but when the local farmers of 15 years tell me that they have never seen potatoes grow so fast or produce such a high yield you know you are onto something special.

They keep asking me “what do you do?”. You should have seen the size of my strawberries too – and that was BEFORE  bringing in the electroculture using copper wires. But that’s a whole different subject for another day.


7.You have recently been to Morocco, what were you doing there and did you have fun?

We had so much fun. Morocco is vast and wild and we spent 10 days making a 2794 km loop. Before I left for the trip my dear friend and amazing ambassador of Shungite Katharine at ‘Angel of Wellness’  asked if I would create a huge Shungite grid throughout our journey. Which I did with a big bag of elite stone (normally I would use the less expensive raw version but time was of the essence and I had run out of raw stones). I had so much fun making videos of the scenery as I deposited Shungite throughout 2794 km of terrain including the Atlas Mountains, Sahara Dessert and Fes University (reported to the oldest in the world).

Each piece of Shungite creates a quantum entailment – in laymen terms each piece is infinitely connected to all Shungite and with this we can help create positive protective (torsion) fields or lets say energy grids when we do this. I was so happy to help Katharine with her mission of spreading Shungite around the world… let’s see where this goes.


If you would like to receive one of Sally’s reflexology treatments, please contact her. I can really vouch for her work, my treatment was second to none and is highly recommended. She is very knowledgeable, professional and we love finding other like mind souls that are as passionate as we are about Shungite and Essential Oils. We love you! 

Katharine and Nic xx


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