Zaphir Sunray Wind Chime


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Zaphir Sunray Wind Chime


Beautiful Zaphir Wind Chimes are known to attract positive energy and to ward off bad luck. Our chimes come in a variety of tones and colours.


What is a Zaphir Wind Chime?


Zaphir Chimes have been around for over 30 years.  Loved for their quality and beautiful colours as well as their crystal clear sound. The chimes are hand made at the Zaphir workshop in the Pyrenees.  Due to their calming tones these chimes are not only a wonderful tool for relaxation but also breath work, yoga and meditation.  Popular for use during massage as well as Feng Shui, sound healing sessions and other forms of therapy.


How do you use a Zaphir Chime?


  • In order to hear the beautiful chime simply hold the chime by its string and move it gently. The chime will play a magical harmony of sounds, leaving you in wonder, peace and relaxation
  • Suspend your chime in a doorway or, in front of an open window and allow the breeze to surprise you with the chimes unexpected melodies


How many different Chimes are available?


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Red, Yellow