Shungite & Crystal ‘Nisha’ Bracelet


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Shungite & Crystal ‘Nisha’ Bracelet

‘Nishati’ means energy in Swahili. We have given Swahili names to our bracelets in memory of our mother who spent much of her childhood in Kenya


Our bracelets come in a choice of clasps and sizes


The crystals we have used in our Shungite & Crystal ‘Nishati’ Harmonising Bracelet are


  • Labradorite – The ‘Magicians Stone’ or the ‘Stone of Transformation’ loved for its beautiful display of rainbow colours (Labradorescence).


  • Amazonite – The ‘Stone of Hope’ is an excellent manifestation tool.  It is a soothing stone giving calmness, harmony as well as strength. Amazonite has been used since antiquity to ward off negativity and to keep the wearer safe from harm. Tutankhamun’s gold death mask is adorned with Amazonite inlays.


  • Rose Quartz – The ‘Stone of Unconditional Love’ is a powerful crystal for deepening relationships of all kinds. It not only carries a soft feminine energy of compassion but also peace, tenderness, healing, nourishment and comfort. It is a powerful crystal for anyone wanting to bring more love into their life.


  • Shungite – A powerful mineraloid used for Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) harmonising, purification of water and the soul, insomnia, detoxification, and boosting the immune system and energy levels. It is a popular choice for reducing stress and anxiety as well as improving general wellbeing and spiritual healing.


Shungite and the root chakra


Shungite is a popular choice for balancing the root chakra, the first of the seven main energy centres in the body.  The root chakra is associated with feelings of safety and security.


The benefits of our bracelets


Many of the body’s meridian (energy) lines cross at the wrist and for this reason wearing a shungite bracelet with or without other crystals is very popular.  Our shungite bracelets help to ease numbness in the arm as well as help to neutralise EMFs. This is very useful if you spend a lot of time on a computer, mobile or near other electronic devices and wifi routers etc.


When you mix shungite with other crystals the effects of the crystals are enhanced because shungite works as a catalyst.




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14ct Gold Filled Bar, Sterling Silver Bar, 9ct Gold Bolt Ring, Sterling Silver Bolt Ring


Child = 15cm, Small = 17cm, Medium = 18cm, Large = 20cm