Shungite ‘Mahaba’ Harmonising Bracelet


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Shungite ‘Mahaba’ Harmonising Bracelet

‘Mahaba’ means love in Swahili.


Our Mahaba shungite bracelet is made with 6mm beads and is connected to the root chakra ‘Mulhadara’. Our bracelets come with a choice of four clasps in either sterling silver or 9ct gold.

Wearing a shungite bracelet is the perfect way to help harmonise your root chakra with the rest of your energetic body and to help you feel grounded and protected. The root chakra is associated with survival, safety and security; being provided for; feeling ‘at home’ or grounded within one’s self; trust, shelter and protection which are all linked to our basic needs.  Shungite has many additional health benefits and are excellent for those with joint pain or arthritis, insomnia, for those in need of rehabilitation and for weakened or convalescent individuals. Bracelets are very effective because the wrist is traversed with many meridian lines and our shungite bracelets can ward off numbness in the arm and shungite neutralises EMFs which are very useful if you spend a lot of time on a computer, mobile or near other electronic devices, wifi routers etc.


If you resonate with any of these situations that may have occurred during your childhood, your first chakra may be closed off or in need of attention and strengthening.


  • feeling abandoned by family or caregivers
  • living in an environment where money, clothes and food were hard to come by
  • grew up in an unsafe area or neighbourhood or where your family were not accepted
  • moved around from house to house, country to country
  • feelings of resentment, hate or anger towards those who were meant to care for you
  • living in a home where a caregiver was verbally, physically abusive, absent or unable to spend time with you


As an adult, if you aren’t or have issues with being cared for, feeling loved or safe, which are all basic needs, you will also struggle to feel grounded and you will be stuck in a cycle of ‘fight or flight’ which is detrimental to your health over an extended period of time.


A good way to feel grounded is to meditate with shungite. We recommend holding a sphere in both hands whilst sitting comfortably either cross legged or on a chair; hold two smooth shungite pebbles, one in each palm or use our shungite and steatite combination harmonising rods as their yin and yang energies noticeably calm your energy body creating stillness and peace within.


Whilst meditating, why not set intentions and affirmations to further assist in your grounding, such as:


  • I am grounded and strong
  • I am safe and well
  • All my needs are met
  • I have everything I need


Essential Oils for Grounding:

If you have some 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils (we use doTERRA’s essential oils) try putting a drop of either Vetiver, Cedarwood or Patchouli in your palm and inhale or put a few drops in a diffuser before meditating or throughout the day to support and aid you whilst balancing your root chakra.


Shungite has many other health benefits and can be used for:


  • Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) harmonising
  • Purification (of water and the soul)
  • Insomnia
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Increasing your energy levels
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Improving your general healing and emotional well being
  • Spiritual healing


We have used the Swahili words for the names for each of our bracelets in  memory of our mother, the inspiration behind Angel of Wellness , who spent much of her early childhood in Kenya.

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14ct Gold Filled Bar, Sterling Silver Bar, 9ct Gold Bolt Ring, Sterling Silver Bolt Ring


Child = 15cm, Small = 17cm, Medium = 18cm, Large = 20cm


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