Shungite Elite Medium (approx 9g)


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” Shungite rocks… This necklace is great. I like the fact that I am the only one to have this exact piece. I feel stronger wearing it and happy that it helps harmonise EMFs, something I have been looking into for awhile now.  “ Alan.




Shungite Elite Necklace on Leather


  • Our necklaces come with a choice of 7 different coloured leathers
  • Each necklace is fully adjustable using our unique fastening system
  • Our necklaces come with a special custom designed AOW 925 silver stopper bead


  • harmonises electromagnetic frequencies
  • purifies water
  • helps with insomnia
  • aids in detoxifing the body
  • helps boost your immune system and increases your energy levels
  • can help reduce stress and anxiety
  • improves your general healing and emotional well being


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Black, Turquoise, Yellow, Red, Purple, Tan, Brown