Shungite Chips 100g Bag (21 pieces)


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“I love going for walks with my friends with a bag of Shungite Chips. I often send love, honour a loved one, pray or set  intentions when I place or throw my Shungite in mother nature.Katharine


Shungite Chips 100g Bag


Shungite Chips can be used either in the garden to enhance your plant life or for our Shungite Grid Project.

Shungite Grid Project:

What is Shungite?

Shungite is a natural mineraloid that enriches ALL life on Earth. It purifies and energies water, neutralizes toxins and  helps harmonise and protect us energetically from increasing levels of electromagnetic frequencies.

What do I need to do?

Place Shungite everywhere in nature, (ideally in groups of 3 to enhance the energy field) near trees, in gardens, parks and forests on hills and mountains. Put near radiating devices/towers. Or, throw your Shungite in streams, rivers, lakes or oceans.

By placing pieces of Shungite here or around the world, you are expanding the ‘Shungite Grid, helping Save the Planet.