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Ibrium-C60 Shungite Base Coat Paint (europe only)


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Ibrium-C60 Shungite Base Coat Paint

  • Shungite is known for its healing, protection and detoxification properties
  • Shungite paint helps protect you and your family from harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s)
  • Shungite neutralises the EMF’s omitted from devices in your home without affecting their performance

Devices include:

  • mobile and landline phones
  • routers
  • computers
  • transformers
  • smart meters
  • baby monitors
  • fuse boxes
  • televisions
  • microwaves

Our NEW patented Shungite Base Coat Paint comes in a 3.5lt container. In addition, we have included application guidelines and information about the incredible health and wellness benefits of Shungite.

You can either paint only the walls where you have the majority of your electromagnetic devices, for example near your televisions, computers or routers or you can paint the whole room. Where you paint, you will see a reduction in the harmful frequencies being omitted.

This paint is light grey and may vary in colour when applied to your walls (so stir well!) You may also see a slight texture due to the presence of Shungite particles. Cover the base coat with two coats of top quality paint.


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