Handmade Pottery Soap Dish


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Handmade Pottery Soap Dish


Our handmade pottery soap dish is made at the farmhouse pottery ‘Artesanía del Prado’ [which loosely translated means Art and Craftwork from the Meadows].  The workshop is tucked away in a valley in the sierras de Cádiz, near to one of the famous pueblos blancos [white villages]. Here you will find Elizabeth Aylmer and Jenny Stock. They left the UK several years ago to settle in Andalucía, producing hand thrown stoneware pottery and fused glass.


We have been friends of Liz and Jenny for many years and after showing them our handmade soaps using 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, we decided to commission our handmade pottery soap dishes. We absolutely love them and hope you do too!


How to care for your soap:


In order to prolong the life of your soap, we recommend that you rest your soap on our two-part soap dish.  Our soaps contain natural glycerine which is great for the skin but also attracts water.  The draining holes in the dish will prevent your soap from sitting in liquid and becoming soggy. Place the dish and the soap out of direct sunlight.