Energy Sticks – Conductivity Test


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“OMG The Energy Stick is the coolest gadget I have ever come across! I had to buy one straight away for my son as he was mesmerised by it. We held hands and then held the stick and it burst into life, making different sounds and the lights came on!” Ally and Toby


Energy Sticks

Human Powered Energy Sticks to test conductivity

Connect with your friends and discover the amazing things you can do with the Energy Stick. If one person takes hold of one end of the Energy Stick and a friend holds the other end and then hold hands with the spare hands you will make a connection and it will show you that we, humans, conduct electricity. The Energy Stick will light up and make a sound. Have fun, making a lighting and sound display with your friends!

Use the Energy Stick to check that the Shungite you have bought, is in fact… ‘The Real Deal’

The other amazing thing you can do it check that your Shungite is the real deal. Shungite is the only natural mineraloid that is a conductor of electricity.


In one hand, hold your piece of Shungite and touch the end of the energy stick with the Shungite. With your free hand, simply hold the other end of the energy stick it will light up and make a sound.