doTERRA Fennel 15ml


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doTERRA Fennel 15ml

Foeniculum  vulgare

Fennel essential oil is well-known and has been used for centuries. Fennel is a sweet-smelling oil with an aroma and flavour that is commonly compared to that of licorice.

Primary Benefits

  • Used for centuries in a variety of applications, fennel is known for its distinct liquorice-honey flavour.
  • Stimulating, herbaceous flavour ideal for soups, salads and seasoning for savoury recipes.

Cooking with Fennel

Essential oils are very potent compared to dry seasonings, spices, or other flavouring agents, so even the tiniest amount can add a serious blast of flavour to your dish. When using Fennel in cooking, it is best to use the toothpick method – dip the tip of a clean toothpick into the essential oil bottle and stir the toothpick into your ingredients for an authentic anise flavour! After you’ve stirred the toothpick around in the dish, do a taste test to see whether you want to add more of the oil or not.



  • Take one drop of Fennel in water or tea instead of indulging in sweets.
  • Add a toothpick’s amount to white bean dips and cucumber salads for a savoury flavour.
  • Substitute Fennel oil for Fennel seeds in a cooking recipe for a more flavourful meal.


“I absolutely love the licorice taste of fennel. I have been using fresh fennel for years as an infusion to help with my gut issues of IBS, painful bloating and gas. But, when I discovered fennel as a concentrated essential oil, my life became super easy. I simply add one drop of fennel with hot water and that’s it! And, I take it with me in my handbag, everywhere I go, it’s genius!” Amy

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