doTERRA Clove 15ml


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“After having a back tooth removed, I was recommended to use Clove essential oil applied every two hours neat to the gums and Melaleuca (Tea Tree) diluted to the jaw near the extracted tooth. I didn’t need to use antibiotics or any pain relief tablets, I was amazed!

The dentist was so shocked to see how quickly my mouth had healed. He said that it normally takes a month for someone’s mouth to look like mine did, after just one week!”    Sam


doTERRA Clove 15ml



Traditionally used in dental preparations, candies, and gum for its flavor and mouth-cleansing properties, clove offers many health benefits.





According to preclinical research, CPTG® Clove essential oil, when ingested, may help maintain healthy digestive, nervous, and cardiovascular systems because of its main chemical constituents: eugenol and β-caryophyllene.* Additional preclinical testing indicates it may also support a healthy response to inflammatory and oxidative stress when taken internally.* When diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil, Clove essential oil can be used in an invigorating, energizing massage. Intensely aromatic when diffused or used in cooking, Clove is warm, woody, spicy and sweet, especially when blended with Cinnamon Bark during winter festivities.



Primary Benefits


  • Helps clean the teeth and gums
  • May provide powerful antioxidant benefits when taken internally
  • Helps support healthy digestive, nervous, and cardiovascular systems when consumed



  • Add to toothpaste to clean the teeth and freshen the breath
  • Take in a Veggie Cap to help maintain healthy digestive, nervous, and cardiovascular systems
  • Blend with a carrier oil for a warming, energizing massage


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