What are Omnia Radiation Balancing (ORB) Stickers?

Omnia Radiation Balancing (ORB) Stickers:

Omnia Radiation Balancing Stickers (ORB) create harmony, balance or resonance between the microwave radiation fields of your devices and the energy field of the human body.

ORB stickers can be applied to any radiating device to harmonize EMFs. They are ideal for all your mobile devices; mobile and cordless phones, tablets and iPads, laptops and computers.

How do EMFs affect our bodies?

Man-made wireless radiation is not in coherence with the energy fields of the human body as they spin and vibrate with different rhythms and patterns, this imbalance in the energy fields can adversely affect the body. When your body comes into contact with this imbalance, it shifts out of balance itself.  This dissonance can be shown in aa simple muscle test (kinesiology) where you can see how your body reacts to certain devices.

The best way to prevent this dissonance is to balance the microwave radiation field of the devices that you come into contact with most often. 

Who created the ORB?

The ORB was created by Professor Lakicevic who along with Omnia are pioneering a new type of work, using conscious energy technology (Deca Energy) to resonate the vibrational match between the wave fields of a radiating device and the human body.

How do you know that Omnia stickers work? 

Omnia have been working with practitioners of alternative testing methods to show the efficacy of their 5G protection sticker. 

These are their current tests:

  • Live Blood Analysis – The effects of Rouleaux Formation (the stacking of red blood cells) were largely reversed after placing the ORB on the phone, in this short space of time. This indicates that the body has felt some benefit from the ORB and started to bring itself back to balance.
  • Autonomic Response Testing – body goes into ‘deep healing mode’ when the phone with an ORB attached is held next to the ear. 
  • Water Structure – certificate from Dr Emoto’s Hado Life institute showing that water irradiated with a phone which has the ORB applied shows crystalline, hexagonal water.
  • Kinesiology – the body strengthens considerably every time the ORB is attached to the phone.

Everybody is different and we urge you to see for yourself whether you deem these tests to be credible and help to reduce mobile phone radiation affects, and whether the effects demonstrated are desirable in your life.

EMF Protection Reduce Exposure to Radiation in 11 Simple Steps.

This article comes from the https://www.omniaradiationbalancer.com/angelofwellness

Follow these 11 steps to reduce the microwave radiation that you’re exposed to.

1 – Safeguard your sleep zone from radio frequency radiation

Sort your bedroom out and get into a sleep routine where you turn devices off an hour before sleeping and a few minutes after waking, to reduce the stimulus. 

Get a basic alarm clock and turn your phone off at night. The blue light on your phone reduces your melatonin secretion, which is the most powerful antioxidant in your body’s night-time detox process that helps with the “reduction of radiation toxicity in healthy tissue” (Biophys Review)

Find the electrical circuit breaker that controls the electrical outlets in your children’s bedroom and turn that off at night to reduce the majority of exposure.

2 – Turn your devices off

Your body will always recharge itself but in order to achieve balance, it has to be given a rest.  

The best way to rest is to turn your devices off whenever you can. Turn off your phone, your laptop, and your router at least. Some of the best times would be during in-person meetings, when you’re on a walk, when you’re sleeping, in the car or on the train.

3 – Turn OFF connectivity 

Whatever connection you are not using, turn it off. Choose bluetooth, wifi, or data – not all three.  You only need one means of connection at a time! 

Additionally, switch to airplane mode whenever you can!

4 – Move it away! 

Move your phone or laptop away from your body whenever possible. The intensity of radiation becomes weaker as it spreads out from the source so even a small distance of separation will greatly reduce the absorption. (Chicago Tribune) 

Move your phone or laptop away from you on your desk, in a meeting, at the dinner table, and when you’re having your coffee date.

5 – Use hardwire (‘ethernet’) cables to decrease airborne radiation

Airborne radiation is the main offender in terms of imbalance EMF radiation. This is dramatically reduced when you use a cable for your connectivity. Hardwire as many devices as you can in your home. Most notably, this is your desktop computer, laptop, and printer. 

6 – Unplug your devices

When you have 100% battery, why keep charging?

Aside from wasting energy, charging a full battery increases the electricity and radio frequency you’re exposed to.

7 – Switch off the ‘polling’ apps 

Some apps are always asking for data (‘polling’) in the background. These are the weather apps, maps, and email. Switch them off or set up your phone so that it doesn’t run apps in the background.

Every time your phone requests data to update those apps, the volume of radiofrequency spikes in your phone.

8 – Airtube headsets help for EMFs

These headsets transform the electrical signal into a vibration so that you don’t ‘mainline’ the EMF into your ear. 

For the avoidance of doubt: Bluetooth and wired speakers that are not ‘protected’ or ‘harmonized’ will send the microwave frequencies straight towards your brain. 

9 – Use speaker mode on your phone

Place the phone away from your body and put the speakerphone on.

Because the phone is away from your body, it isn’t close to your brain. (see proximity in #4)

10 – Find out where the Wi-Fi router is at work and stay away

You spend most of your week at work. If your desk is near the wifi router, ask to move away from it. If it isn’t possible for you to move your desk, find a way to move the router farther away from you.

11 – Research EMF products that work 

The best way to deal with radiation is to understand exactly what it is, how it behaves, and how to re-tune it so that it does not vibrationally upset the rhythm of the human body.

Be sure that you can validate that the product works in a simple way, through seeing testing results that you understand.

The ORB has shown in tests that it balances the blood, strengthens the muscular system (kinesiology) and it structures water (the ORB is certified by the Hado Institute)!



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Chicago Tribune on EMFs and Proximity

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To buy single Omnia stickers please visit our Omnia Shop.   

To order larger 6 and 12 packs please follow this link to Omnia.

Why should I buy an Omnia Radiation (ORB) Sticker rather than a piece of Shungite or a Tesla Plate? 

They all do same thing with regards to harmonising electromagnetic frequencies but they all have different, additional health benefits and practical applications.

 Omnia Radiation (ORB) Stickers:

  • are simple, discreet stickers that are ideal for all your portable radiating devices; mobile phones, tablets, laptops or on any other radiating devices.
  • are good to use where it is impractical to have a 3D piece of Shungite or a Tesla Purple Plate.


  • is 100% natural and was discovered in Russia.
  • can be worn as a piece of jewellery for daily protection.
  • can be bought as beautiful 3D objects to be used in the home.
  • cleanses and purifies water from harmful bacteria, pesticides and heavy metals.
  • boosts your energy levels and fortifies the immune system.
  • promotes and aids peaceful sleep balancing your mind and emotions.
  • provides relaxation, crystal healing and promotes spiritual awakening.

Tesla Purple Plates:

  • are available to wear as a necklace or hung in various places.
  • are ideal where you need to use something thin, under a pillow, in a bag or under your bottom in the car or in a dog bed for example.
  • help elevate migraines and insomnia, rheumatic diseases, injuries and pains, post-traumatic conditions, ease nausea and vomiting, relieves stress, elevate energy levels and eliminate exhaustion.
  • help improve your cell regeneration process.
  • are man-made from pure aluminum marked Al 99.5.
  • are electrochemically coloured and then anodized.
  • have beneficial integrated frequencies that have been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on all living beings on the planet.
  • have had a special sound and vibration process applied.

What to buy, will come down to what resonates with you.

Look at your application needs and health issues to help you decide.

We love them all. We have a mixture in our homes, Shungite decorative 3d objects throughout the house, Tesla for our children who suffer from motion sickness and ORB stickers on ALL our mobile, radiating devices.

Each sticker costs £22/€25

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