.Launching a new product.

There is nothing more exciting than launching a new product to compliment an existing range of products, especially when you are making them yourself! Both my sister and I have always been interested in jewellery or making/selling jewellery. We now have the opportunity to share our creations with you.

Shungite Harmonising Bracelets

We decided to make our own range of Shungite harmonising bracelets.  We were not 100% happy with the quality of the bracelets our suppliers were sending us. We decided that by making our only bracelets we could not only guarantee the quality, but we could also make them made to measure. We can now also make bracelets for children of all ages.

We both liked the idea of incorporating precious gemstone as they complement the Shungite with their energetic offerings. Each bracelet can be ordered with either a Sterling Silver or 9ct Gold Clasp which ensure that they will not react with sensitive skin types.

Our aim is to offer our clients a wide range of Shungite and precious gemstone bracelets.  Not only can they be worn as a beautiful item of jewellery, but they also help to improve many health issues.  Wear a shungite bracelet to ease insomnia, joint pain and numbness to name but a few.

What to call our new range?


We decided to use Swahili names in loving memory of our mother, Annette, who spent her early childhood years living in Kenya.

We have launched three products so far and here are their names and Swahili meanings:

Amani (aa-mah-nee) – Peace and Tranquility

Jabali (jah-bah-lee) – Strong as a Rock

Mahaba (mah-ha-bah) – Love

We look forward to sharing more of our creations with you soon.  We are currently waiting for a delivery of rose quartz and amethyst – so watch this space!

Visit our shungite page to see our full range of Shungite jewellery and 3D objects for the home.

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