Moving our home and Angel of Wellness to the Island of Mallorca, it was time to start manifesting!

It takes time to build a business and a good reputation. Five years ago, I started my massage business Massage Matters, in Estepona which today has evolved into a holistic Health and Wellness business, Angel of Wellness.

If you believe in synchronicity, things happening in threes and following your intuition, that was our move to Mallorca.

  1. My husband Dallas secured a great yacht captain’s job for a family based in Mallorca
  2. Izzy’s small tutor school closed
  3. Our landlord asked us to leave our rental house because he wanted to sell it
Planning for the move

It’s a risk to start again. The majority of our business is conducted face-to-face, with clients listening to wellness talks, attending workshops or massage appointments. We know it will take time to build a new network and business in Mallorca, but figured it was a risk worth taking.

Trust in the Universe

I have learnt over recent years to TRUST in the Universe and in the power of manifesting. Our new home and the journey to Mallorca has been, for me, the undeniable proof that this magical, intangible art of manifesting really works!


Before moving to Mallorca, I asked the family to focus on what they would like at the new house and to imagine how it feels living there. Finding a home to rent mid-August in a very popular holiday destination was a challenge in itself!

Children, I realise now, are especially good at manifesting! Izzy closed her eyes, focussed her thoughts and told me she wanted a house with stairs, a larger bed and bedroom, a wardrobe and a swimming pool. She got everything she wished for.

The pool in mallorcaDallas wanted to be no more than 30 minutes from work, a place where he could easily walk our dogs and somewhere with a swimming pool. He got everything he wished for.

I spent a lot longer manifesting as I had a longer wish list. I wanted a stone, Spanish style house, somewhere I could grow veggies, a place for chickens, a more modern kitchen, a place to give treatments and somewhere to run specialised retreats and wellness events. AND… to my surprise, I too got everything too and in the middle of AUGUST!

The Move

The 12-hour journey to Mallorca with 2 dogs, Luna and Wolfie as well as 3 cats, Sid, Domino and Happy went so smoothly. It was uncanny, it felt as if a divine light was paving the way for us.

Happy Dogs in Mallorca

Our furniture has been delayed in transit. Maybe that too was all part of the plan? It gave me extra time to give the house a quick lick of paint!

This move was definitely meant to be, and I have absolute faith that everything will work out well not only for as a family but also for the business. We are excited for what’s round the corner and are looking forward to developing Angel of Wellness Mallorca.

Watch this space

For information on upcoming treatments, events, workshops and talks about our Angel of Wellness products.

Angel of Wellness office desk with image of angel of hope jewellery on screen

Why not give manifesting a try… if you don’t know how to do it, there are many videos on the internet to help you. It worked for us against all odds!