Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Nic studied Antiques and Chattels Valuation at Southampton University and holds the National Association of Jewellers Professional Diploma. She has worked with antiques and jewellery for many years. For over six years she worked at a prestigious jewellery company in London and has extensive knowledge of the industry. She has an acute eye for detail, appreciates good quality and enjoys the challenges of running her own business.  Based in Hampshire in the UK Nic looks after the supply chain and accounts as well as making the soap for Gifts from Nature from her garden studio.

Katharine has a BA (Hons) in Business and Leisure Management and a post graduate degree in Marketing.  After working in the corporate world she made a career change in her thirties and started working as a chef and massage therapist on super-yachts around the world.  After leaving the sailing industry, and moving to Marbella in Spain she started working as a massage therapist from home. Katharine looks after the marketing and social media and has a passion for photography.

In addition to running Angel of Wellness, we both work as Wellness Advocates with doTERRA who make 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  We love to share our knowledge of essential oils with friends, family and the wider community.

It is very satisfying for the soul working for ourselves on such wonderful projects. We love working together and hope you love our products as much as we do.

Latest News – April 2022

Over the past year we have seen a steady increase in concern over issues that may be causing stress on our environment and to our-selves, we have often asked ourselves questions like:

  • What impact do electromagnetic frequencies have on our bodies?
  • How many and what metals do we have inside us?
  • What toxins are we exposed to?
  • Why has there been such an increase in asthma, adhd and autism in our children?
  • What can we naturally do to help balance ourselves?
  • How can we help to improve our sleep?


At Angel of Wellness we are dedicated to finding simple solutions to these and many other questions we are asked or come across. As and when we find solutions, we increase our product range.  It is important, especially during uncertain times, to be flexible, to change and adapt to our environment and we are both loving the challenge!

We are soon to launch our bambo and stainless steel water bottles with Shungite for water purification and NEW this year we have launched some wellness books and yoga mala meditiation beads.

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