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“What a lovely way to spend a few hours. We visited Katharine at her home and enjoyed looking at all the Angel of Wellness products and in particular we enjoyed listening to the Zaphir Wind Chimes. My son and I fell in love with their harmonic tones and could feel their healing vibrations.

We spent about an hour listening to the different sounds and playing them in various combinations to see which ones we liked the best. It was so much fun and wonderfully healing. I loved the Twilight and Sufi the most and my son loved the Blue Moon.

It was difficult to make a final decision, so we ended up buying two and they are both on our terrace at home gently emitting healing sounds as we relax in the summer heat of Spain! Thank you Katharine for welcoming us into your home and for showing us your fascinating range of products. We will be back for more!”  Gilly and Joe xxx

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