Healthytarian Living…

I am now officially living my life as a Healthytarian… a what?

What is a Healthytarian?

Firstly, I am not a fan of labels but if I had to have one this is it!

“The Healthytarian is one whose lifestyle is based on mindful, intentional, sustainable, and heart-centered living, along with wholesome, plant-based nutrition that emphasizes organic, local, seasonal, and raw foods, and holistic health practices for optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and well-being.”

Why did I become a Healthytarian?

Why? I don’t know really… something inside me over the last year started to change. I would often hear an inner voice saying, “why don’t you cut back on meat? why don’t you eat organic food? how about cutting back on alcohol?” but true to form, I would ignore it and carry on but gradually over time, this voice has got louder and louder and one day I finally started listening and here we are.

How did I become a Healthytarian?

After many conversations with vegan and vegetarian friends and sampling lots of yummy healthy dishes, I decided to go for it. I thought I was eating quite healthily with lots of eggs from our very own chickens, red meat every now and the occasional tipple at night but I was soon to discover a completely different way of eating and a whole new World!

Where did my inspiration come from?

My recent inspiration came from a new friend Lot, who am very blessed to have met through Taekwondo and to whom I feel incredibly grateful. Look her up on Instagram @passionate_healing or via her website or in fact why not listen to her play the ukulele and sing @ukulottie? She is a huge Anthony Williams (The Medical Medium) follower and she is someone who has healed herself from numerous health issues, such as problems with her thyroid and constant exhaustion. She is no longer on any medication and looks ten years younger than she actually is, seriously!

I have, for a long time wanted to try the celery juicing but didn’t quite know how much to use, how to do it or for how long and I also wanted to do a heavy metal detox but didn’t know what ingredients to get, what quantities of each and how to do it. Lot came to my rescue and in less than 30mins I was getting started on something I have procrastinated about for years and what is now a whole new way of eating and living for me and I’m loving it.

What do I do that’s different?

I am eating organic plant-based food (I have never been on a diet and never will but I have changed what I eat) which begins the day with hot lemon water on an empty stomach, followed 30 mins later with a whole bunch of organic celery juiced. I wait a further hour and then after that I eat whatever I choose to eat, 95% vegan if I am honest. It was Easter Sunday this year when I stopped eating meat, fish, eggs, dairy and anything with gluten! Yep, I did it all at once… I am, admittedly quite lucky in that I spent many years working as a chef in the yachting industry, so whizzing up creative food isn’t really a problem but it’s all very new to me regardless.

What is the key to keep going with all the temptations out there?

Preparation is the key! This way of eating is possible so long as you do a bit of preparation and always have a snack in the fridge ready to go, especially when you’re starving. I have gluten free bread in the freezer if I feel like eating toast, homemade humus is my butter, I drink herbal teas, mainly from the garden like mint and melissa and lemons grow in abundance here in Spain. I order an organic box once a week and that forces me to make up dishes in advance as the produce doesn’t stay fresh for very long – because it’s natural and the rest of the veggies I get from our garden. Our veggie patch is a blog of its own, so I will write about that soon.

If you are a Healthytarian what holistic health practices do I do/use?

I was introduced to dōTERRA’s essential oils about 5 years ago and haven’t look back.  I haven’t used a pharmaceutical drug for anything during this time scale and hope I never have to. An oil has been found for all our family ailments, including the animals and our immune systems are super strong. I am a massage therapist and because of my wonderful network, I have access to many incredibly talented alternative therapists for any other needs that may arise.

What does healthy living mean to me?

It means not only loving living my life on the outside, spending time in nature and having fun with friends and family but it’s now also about loving my life on the inside, looking after me from the inside out. I focus on nurturing my body with the best food I can and my mind with spirituality, breathwork and meditation. Nurturing the inner child is something I have come to very late in my opinion. I wish everyone was taught how to look after their inner child, the freedom it gives is so precious and now I feel more balanced than I ever have.

If you would like to discover more, I would really recommend that you follow Lot on Instagram or the Medical Medium Anthony Williams (he has many podcasts, videos and books to submerse yourself in!) and if you, like me feel that now is the time to change how and what we eat, I take my hat off to you. I feel so healthy, I have lost 3 kilos, my skin, hair and nails look so much better and my energy levels are off the scale. I am also happy knowing that I am doing my bit for humanity and the environment and for me.

With Love Katharine