Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick Chicken lay a little egg for me.

Leaving our chickens was the only thing that caused some sadness (other than leaving our friends of course! Leaving mainland Spain to start a new life in Mallorca has been great for all the family and I am loving the new adventure and we are all settling in well.


We loved our chickens. They all had names and were a big part of our family. And apart from our very protective rooster Parry, they were friendly therapy chickens that were happy to be cuddled. We had quite a few characters from Snowflake, Trevor and Parry the Rooster, to Nando, Sunshine and Fluffy-bum! Joy, was by far Izzy’s favourite as she was our first ever chicken born in our incubator.








Our chickens went to the best chicken hotel ever at Casa Masana with our fabulous friend Lula. However, the sadness of not being allowed to bring them with us is something we still talk about. Thanks to Lulu for the regular progress reports and video updates, they make us smile and at least we can always come and visit.

When I realised that the chickens couldn’t come with us, I decided to take a risk. I took 10 eggs from ‘the ladies’, put them in our incubator and drove them to Mallorca in the car with the dogs and cats!

Follow this link if you would like to learn more on how to incubate chicken eggs.

Although we couldn’t heat the incubator for the journey it was worth a try. I really wanted to see if we could have offspring from our very own chickens!

And…. This morning to our delight ‘Feather’ appeared and is doing really well.

Unfortunately, she was the only viable chick out of the ten eggs, so we are off to the Santa Maria market on Sunday to buy five more to keep her company.

Next project… to build a chicken coup!