Introducing our NEW health range of 100% natural soaps, soap bags, scrubbies and soap dishes:

We first introduced Angel of Wellness in the UK at our local Christmas school fete in December 2019 just before the world was locked down in March 2020.  Before starting Angel of Wellness, I worked with my husband running a boarding house at a school in Hampshire. So, it was really exciting to return to the same school with my new self-employed hat on and to see friendly and familiar faces once again.

Launching our products at a local Christmas school fete.

To be honest there wasn’t a huge turn out at the fete as half the school was off sick! I remember texting my godmother to tell her about the poor turn out due to illness. Was the virus with us much earlier than March?

Our products were warmly received and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who purchased our products or made enquiries on the day.

Meeting Donna from ‘Crafty Dotty’

The most exciting outcome of the day was meeting up with Donna, whose sons we had looked after when we were running the boarding house.  Donna or ‘Crafty Dotty’ to those who know her beautiful work had a stand opposite us selling the most amazing hand crafted crochet creations. The crocheted Brussel sprout cover for a Fererro Rocher chocolate particularly made us smile.  It was lovely to see each other again and fantastic to discover Donna’s hidden talents.

After a few meetings with Donna, we came up with an idea to produce (exclusively for Angel of Wellness) soap bags and scrubbies to add to our range. Donna has used 100% cotton Aran Yarn, a natural eco-friendly, reusable cotton that is kind to the environment and to you. She also keeps plastic and packaging to an absolute minimum complimenting our core values.

Soap Bags, Scrubbies & Essential Oils Pads

The soap bags fit our soaps perfectly and can be easily hung in the shower.  We use the scrubbies to remove eye makeup.  They can also be used to freshen up clothes and are a life saver for smelly trainers, simply add a few drops of essential oils.  The shell and flower pads with hoops are designed to be used over a hanger in the wardrobe or in the car as a freshener.


Eucalyptus or Peppermint oils are live savers for smelly trainers.  Cedarwood oil the perfect deterrent for moths.  All of our soap bags, scrubbies and essential oil pads can be machine washed at a low temperature (40 degrees) and then air dried (do not put them in the dryer).

Supporting Donna and her Poppy Appeal:

Donna, an army wife, decided during lockdown to do something for charity and chose to raise funds for SAMA 82 Falkland Veterans Charity.

In February 2020 she took up the challenge to make and sell 258 poppies. The number 258 represents the number of allies and islanders that gave their lives in the Falkland Island conflict.  As of today she has had orders for 55.

The poppies with ribbon are exclusively for Falkland Veterans and the next of kin of those that lost their lives.  They are lovingly handmade from Debbie Bliss Falkland merino wool. In the centre of each poppy is a blue shell button to represent the sea. The ribbon is in the colours of the South Atlantic Medal.  They are available without the ribbon for anyone else.

To get your hands on one of these lovelies, just make a donation to the South Atlantic Medal Association.  Contact Donna who will post them out to you.

For full details, see below:

We would love to hear from you if you make and produce products that would compliment our range.  We are keen to support individuals with a like-minded ethos.

It’s so rewarding working alongside and supporting friends and family with similar goals.

Thank you Donna

Nic xxx