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“My treatment with Nic was fascinating. I didn’t know very much about Kinesiology but it was a real eye opener. I was surprised that certain muscles were very weak and that Nic could ‘lock or unlock’ them and put my body back into balance. I thought I had an intolerance to wheat, so when Nic confirmed it with her energy test, I decided that from this day forward, I will do without it. Thanks Nic, I will definitely be back!”    Jane x

What is Functional Kinesiology?

Functional Kinesiology is a non-invasive, holistic approach to health using muscle testing to communicate with the body. This therapy combines traditional kinesiology practices with the latest nutritional and wellbeing science.

The process involves an assessment of your muscle reaction. If the muscle is not in balance and functioning optimally, we will look to see why and what is going on.

During a balance, a holistic wellness protocol using biochemical, electrical, emotional and structural correction techniques, combined with traditional Chinese medicine approaches is used.

As a Functional Kinesiologist, I am able to detect energetic imbalances in the body and advise on diet and lifestyle.  I can help you to find the root cause of your symptoms. I do not diagnose illnesses or make recommendations on medical care or medication and will refer on if necessary.

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Functional Kinesiology can help with the following:

  • Low energy
  • Pain
  • Food allergies & sensitivities
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Low self-esteem
  • Increased personal performance
  • Fears, phobias & anxieties
  • Learning difficulties and exam stress
  • Dyslexia
  • Muscular-skeletal problems
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Addictions
  • ME/chronic fatigue symptoms

I love Functional Kinesiology as it addresses each client as an individual. There is no general categorisation tick box and the body doesn’t lie.

Detecting the root cause of symptoms:

When your body is put under stress, your body becomes imbalanced. This stress may be emotional, but it could also be due to nutritional, environmental or structural reasons.

If the stress is not addressed, you may start to make compensations. If these compensations are not dealt with, symptoms may appear. If the symptoms are not dealt with, disease may occur.

Every muscle is connected to one of the body’s organs or systems. During a balance, how your  muscles react will indicate where the imbalances are held within the body. With this information, the detective work begins and together we will start to find the root cause of your symptoms.

What does a balance involve?

In order to  bring the body back into balance, a Functional Kinesiologist will use specialised lymphatic drainage massage, acupressure to your energy reflexes and emotional stress release techniques. Biochemical influences such as nutrition and hydration will be investigated and testing for food intolerances will often be part of a treatment.

Is a balance like a massage?

In some ways it is like a massage. You usually leave feeling calm, balanced and relaxed as you would after a full body massage.

The main difference is that you do not need to take your clothes off when receiving a balance and no massage oils are used.

What should you wear for a balance?

Nic from Angel of Wellness - Kinesiologist

We may need to move clothing around to reach some of the more awkward to find neuro-lymphatics.  It’s ideal to wear something soft, loose and comfortable, sportswear is perfect.

How often should I come for a balance?

A regular monthly balance will help you to keep on top of stresses in the body.  Depending on your session and your state of being, it  maybe necessary to have  shorter gaps between each treatment.

The number of sessions needed differs from person to person, but it is recommended that you start by booking a course of  6 sessions.

“Wellness is the complete integration of Body, Mind & Soul.”

Did you know?

  • Kinesiology is a form of therapy that uses muscle monitoring (biofeedback) to look at imbalances that may be causing disease in the body
  • Simple muscle testing procedures find problem areas, then massage, touch, nutrition, and ESR techniques are used to balance the body holistically
  • Kinesiology is a natural health care system, which uses gentle muscle testing to evaluate many functions of the body in the structural, chemical, neurological, and biochemical realms
  • Kinesiology testing does not diagnose disease. Muscle testing enables analysis, which detects minor functional imbalances. Minor imbalances when not corrected, accumulate and cause compensations
  • In the 1930s, kinesiology was used as a tool to study human movement in depth, including the normal range of movement and restricted movement due to injury or disease
  • Kinesiology was originally developed by Dr George Goodheart DC., a second generation chiropractor, in the early 1960s
  • Pure kinesiology seeks to understand human movement in order to diagnose problems and come up with treatments for these problems
  • Practitioners claim that applied kinesiology can be used to diagnose and treat nervous system problems, nutritional deficiencies or excesses, imbalances in the body’s “energy pathways” (known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as meridians), and many other health concerns
  • Kinesiology can have a significant impact on a range of health and well-being issues. It can enhance learning, boost sports performance, eliminate emotional, physical and mental stress, pinpoint and eliminate allergic reactions, help overcome past trauma, identify nutritional deficiency or excess and aid the healing of muscle injuries
  • Kinesiology is applied in areas of health and fitness for all levels of athletes, but more often found with training of elite athletes
  • Kinesiology is delivered by the fingertips at appropriate pressure points.
  • The inventor of Kinesiology, Dr Goodheart, discovered the relationship between Chinese meridians and muscle groups, organs, and glands in the body
  • Kinesiology can detect imbalances in the body’s systems in four key areas: Chemical nutrition and hormones, Structural bones, muscles, tissues, Emotional fears, phobias, trauma, stress and Electrical hydration, energy levels and energetic fields
  • Kinesiology is renowned for being able to uncover and help the underlying causes of health problems that are difficult to find by any other means

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