Frequently Asked Questions

Bioresonance questions often asked by clients

1. If it is so good, why isn’t bioresonance in the news and available everywhere?

Any claims that something does anyone any good, must have 5 years of clinical trials. This has been laid down to make sure any product or therapy will do no harm. The cost of a clinical trial is £1 million-plus. Most therapies are not expensive nor do they have the ongoing need when people are unwell.

This bioresonance device as with all therapies and unlike drugs, cannot be patented, so there is very little or no return on a £1 million-pound investment of a clinical trial. If you purchase one of our bioresonance device, it should last you for many years. The 9 volt battery is the only thing that needs replacing.

There is no real repeat business apart from booking in to receive Lymphatic Drainage Massage during your treatment as with our unique Angel of Wellness treatment.

2. If this device does what you say it does, why is it not used by the NHS?

The NHS will only sanction any type of medicine or therapy that has had clinical trials to prove it works and is safe. Universities are normally the centres for these clinical trials. New sponsors are needed for funding this research work at the universities. Government’s investment has been inadequate for a long time.

The clinical trials needed are only commissioned and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry and other interested sectors of the industry and there is currently little interest in alternative methods of good health which are not backed by big investors.

In short, although bioresonance device is a highly efficient way to stay well, there is no money in it. Once you have a device, the only other cost is a battery every few months. Money first and then health of the nation second. We, at Angel of Wellness would like that reversed, health of the nation first and money second, well free would be nice too!

3. Are there any side effects to using the bioresonance device?

If you have never used a bioresonance device before then yes there maybe. You may experience tiredness after a session, especially after a ‘9 timer’.

This device kills a great number of pathogens, and the dead ones have to be cleared away. Your lymphatic system goes to work overtime and that is why you feel tired after the first time or when you are using it per our instructions after feeling symptoms of an illness.

With some people who are using it frequently, tiny spots or bumps on the skin may appear. This is because the body cannot put any more garbage into the lymphatic system and so pushes it to the outside. They usually disappear in a few days when the lymphatic system catches up with the rubbish disposal.

4. How many times a week can you use the device? For humans and animals?

Please visit our ‘instructions for use’ section on our website but we recommend that if you are generally healthy, use the device once a week and do a ‘3 timer’ (10 mins on the device with a 10 min rest periods in between). It is best to receive lymphatic drainage massage when you use the device or go for a walk to stimulate the lymphatic system needed to help process the dead pathogens out of your body.

If you have a symptom and are feeling unwell, complete a ‘9 timer’ (10 mins on the device with 10 min rest periods). Take a rest day following a ‘9 timer’ as you may feel quite tired. Then complete a ‘3 timer’ consecutively for the next 5 days. This will ensure that you have killed off any pathogens in your body.

If you are using the device on your animal, complete a ‘3 timer’ (7-10 mins on the device with a 20 min rest period in between).

The device can be used daily if you have an ongoing illness (like arthritis) but as with any usage, if you have any unusual reactions, stop using the device and give us a call to discuss further.

If you are over 60, please use the device gradually. Start with ‘3 timers’ twice a week until your body gets used to the device and then you can build up to using it more frequently.

5. Does the device react with metal fillings or with metal items in the body?

Not to our knowledge. Katharine has both metal fillings and a metal post in her leg when she broke her femur and has not had any reactions or side effects. Those who have sent us testimonials that have  metal in their bodies have not mentioned any problems. We do however, advise that you remove all metal items where possible.

6. Why do I need to repeat using a Bioresonator?

Good question. The answer is that it takes more than one session to kill everything. When some of the parasites die they release other bacteria and viruses found living inside the now dead parasite. We understand that the electricity travels on the exterior of the parasite, killing the parasite but somehow it acts as a shield for what’s inside, protecting it from being destroyed in the first round of treatment.

General note:

It is advisable to drink warm water during your sessions to help flush out toxins.

If you have any further questions or would like to submit some feedback, we would love to hear from you, either email us at or call Katharine on +34 693 033 943.

I recently used the bioresonance device after spraining my ankle. I was struggling to walk properly and my ankle was inflamed and painful. I was recommended to do a ‘3 timer’ daily and I have really noticed a difference.

It feels like the healing process has been accelerated and my ankle now is less inflamed and less painful. I am so surprised but very happy. Thank you for the introduction. Andy.


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