doTERRA Essential Oils

are pure natural extracts created by plants (50-70 times more powerful than herbs)

nature’s defense mechanism for plants and cells

small, light molecules that are steam distilled (or pressed) from plants

Safe, effective, affordable alternative to synthetic remedies

highly concentrated blends of natural substances that have been used for thousands of years

they have profound health benefits, including antiseptic properties, an ability to lessen pain, ease feelings of depression, enhance memory and decrease inflammation

each 15ml bottle contains 250 drops of essential oil and 5ml bottles contain 80 drops

Single Oils


Kits, Collections and Diffusers

Body Care and Wellness

“Apart from ‘Life Changing’ I have no idea where to start to tell you how incredible doTERRA essential oils are. I went to a talk given by Katharine a year ago. I was generally interested in oils and wanted to use some in my yoga studio. After expressing my interest in these oils, my yoga students decided to buy me a ‘Home Essentials Kit’ for Christmas and I have fallen in love with the whole concept.

There are so many wonderful oils and they all do different things whether physically, mentally or emotionally. I have a few favourites, one of which is Oregano, it’s very strong for most people but I love it. I use Peppermint or Lemongrass with my students before a class and during Shavasana, I put a drop of Lavender on everyone’s eye masks, the  aromas are beautiful and you can tell there is nothing synthetic about them.

The kit I was given was brilliant, it came with ten of the most popular oils and a diffuser. I have since added to my collection and continue to learn more and more about their various uses. I am very grateful to you, Katharine for introducing me to these oils.” With Love and Thanks. Helen.

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