What are doTERRA Essential Oils?

Essential Oils – A Natural Choice:

In today’s world of artificially high healthcare cost and artificial drugs, millions of people are returning to nature to find relief from everyday health concerns. While plants have been used for over a millennia to fight disease and to help ease pain and discomfort, individuals are increasingly beginning to rediscover some of the amazing health benefits of pure, natural essential oils. Essential oils are made from the roots, bark, leaves, stems, flowers, seeds and sap of plants, trees, bushes and herbs and they are highly concentrated and if they are 100% pure, they have wonderful therapeutic (corrective) benefits.

How Plants Naturally Fight Against Natures Threats?

  • Guard against sun damage
  • Attract pollinators
  • Assist during periods of low nutrients
  • Protect during temperature extremes
  • Heal after herbivore eating damage
  • Repel insects
  • Resist microbial attack

What are Essential Oils?

  • Pure natural extracts created by plants (50-70 times more powerful than herbs)
  • Natures defense mechanism for plants and cells
  • Small, light molecules that are steam distilled (or pressed) from plants.
  • Safe, effective, affordable alternative to synthetic remedies
  • Highly concentrated blends of natural substances that have been used for thousands of years
  • They have profound health benefits, including antiseptic properties, an ability to lessen pain, ease feelings of depression, enhance memory and decrease inflammation.

Using Oils for Emotions:

Because the sense of smell is so closely tied to the centers of the brain that deal with emotions, inhaling the aroma of an essential oil is one of the most powerful ways to affect emotions.

3 Ways to Use Oils; Aromatically, Topically (to the Skin) or Internally

  1. Aromatically

When we smell a scent, odour molecules enter the nose, travelling up receptor sites. One of those is the limbic system or emotional part of the brain. The limbic system is also connected to the parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress and hormone balance. It is this connection between smells and the nervous system that explains why essential oils have such a psychological and physiological effect. Simply inhale the aroma of the oil from a bottle, place a few drops in your palms and inhale or diffuse with an essential oil diffuser.

  1. Topically

Because essential oils penetrate the cell wall, they are very effective when applied to the skin. When applied to the feet, the oil enters the blood stream within 30 seconds. They can be applied directly to the area in need, for headaches to the temples, stomach pains to the stomach etc. If you are using essential oils on the skin, you should use a base carrier like Fractionated Coconut Oil which dilutes the strength of the oil. It is important to follow application guidelines when applying topically.

  1. Internally

Some oils can be taken internally, either with water, neat under the tongue or diluted in a veggie cap with a base carrier that can be ingested. NOT all oils can be ingested and therefore it is important to read the instructions carefully as only a few companies produce oils that are for internal use.

Buying doTERRA Oils:

We at Angel of Wellness are essential oils lovers and due to this, we have joined the doTERRA team as Wellness Advocates. We have built up a strong knowledge base of how to use oils and love to share our findings and successes with friends, family and the wider community.

If you are thinking of buying oils, the best way is to become a customer/member. When you open your own account, you receive fantastic discounts, access to promotions and can build points to redeem off future purchases. It’s great when you can pay for your oils with points!

How to buy dōTERRA oils:

Here are a number of ways to buy your dōTERRA oils:

All account holders receive 25% off oils and other selected products.

  • Open an ‘pay as you go’ account for just £20/24€ annually. You will receive a lovely guide to the oils and once a member, you can buy your oils for 25% less than retail price.
  • Buy an Enrollment Kit which includes the table book guide to oils. This is by far the most cost effective way to start using essential oils. There are many kits to choose from depending on your needs. You will also save the £20/24€ ‘pay as you go’ fee above.

Below are some of the most popular enrollment kit:


“I had no idea how life changing it would be for me and my family when I decided to  incorporate essential oils into our home. I have been on an incrediable journey of discovery. I have learnt how to use natural oils for First Aid, I have helped friends and family deal with their physical and emotional issue and I have made my own DIY cleaning products. It is a wonderful feeling reducing toxicity in the home with little bottles of natural magic. “

Alison Sanderson.

Angel of Wellness


Instagram: angel.of.wellness