We would like to welcome our guest blogger, Deborah Cooney, Mind/Body Wellness Therapist, to share her knowledge, thoughts and wisdom with us.

Deborah is a vivacious, kind and truly inspirational mind, body wellness therapist. She inspires health conscious women to eliminate toxic eating habits and lifestyle choices. She enables women to live full and fabulously vibrant lives. We asked Deborah a few questions about toxins and wellness, we hope you enjoy reading her answers:

1.What started your wellness journey to eliminating toxins in your life?

I suffered with anxiety and depression for years and part of my healing journey was to remove toxicity from my life. Toxicity can be present in our lives in many forms; toxic food, water, relationships, personal hygiene products, house hold products etc.

2.Which toxins are you most concerned about?

The toxins we put in, on and around our physical body. Reducing the toxicity in our physical body, often leads to feeling healthier on a mental and emotional level.

3.What are your 3 top tips for reducing toxins?

  1. Invest in a good quality water filter to remove the common contaminants found in tap water such as pesticides, heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs, pathogenic bacteria and arsenic etc.
  2. There are quite a lot of harmful ingredients added to the food we eat. A great app to use is called YUKA. It rates food and some cosmetics out of 100 and will tell you if the ingredients are considered harmful to your body. For instance, it highlights hormones disruptors and carcinogens (which encourages the growth of cancer).
  3. Buy clean personal hygiene products. Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your blood stream. For example, many deodorants contain harmful ingredients and with breast cancer being so prevalent, it is a great idea to choose a non-toxic deodorant. Again, use the YUKA app.

4.Do you have a non-toxic daily routine for your body, mind and soul? And if so, please will you share them with us?

I practice everything that I have mentioned above. I make most of my own skincare and cleaning products using natural ingredients like essential oils. I also meditate, exercise regularly and surround myself with positive people.

5.What role have Essential Oils played in your detoxifying wellness journey?

I defuse them instead of using scented candles which can be quite toxic. They are my go-to if I have a headache, upset tummy, cough or cold etc. Basically, EO’s are my holistic medicine cabinet.

6. You run a 10 day, ‘This Detox Rocks’ programme for women, please tell us more about it?

My Detox is an absolute labour of love. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of guiding a plethora of women through the process. The power of whole-foods never cease to amaze me. Some women have presented ailments such as severe pain, chronic digestive issues and anxiety, and in just 10 days, they have completely transformed their health. My secret weapons are my mind-set videos.

Thanks Deborah for your fascinating insight to the world of toxins and wellness and to agreeing to be our first guest blogger.

We wish you all the best for your fabulous, vibrant future.

With love Katharine and Nic xx


If you would like to join Deborah on her next ‘This Detox Rocks’ programme or for any personal wellness coaching, please email: info@deborahcooney.com.

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