Shungite and Crystal Bracelets

After researching into how Shungite works as a catalyst for crystals, it was the natural progression for us at Angel of Wellness to incorporate crystals into our jewellery making. I am loving this experience and it is so nice to bring some colour and some extra benefits into our offering in the form of crystals. It’s a magical world and as crystals and Shungite have been used for thousands of years, it’s extra special bringing all this history and knowledge to the surface again especially during these trying times.

How Shungite and Crystals work together:

Shungite is used in lithotherapy which uses the energy of crystals and stones to harmonize the body. Shungite has another amazing quality; it works is a powerful catalyst. When combined with another crystal, Shungite activates and increases the effect of the crystal without taking on a charge and it always remains active. Shungite stimulates the first chakra (grounding) and in doing so stabilizes our energetic body, safely opening the door to explore our other higher chakras.

Which stones work for me?

I am a Gemini, so I decided to look up which stones relates to my star sign and it was Agate.

  • Agate which is known as the stabiliser, helps to achieve a calm and balanced state, harmonising the yin and yang, the positive and negative forces of the universe.
  • Agate is part of the chalcedony family of crystals and they are found in all colours of the rainbow.
  • Agate stones are often banded in coloured layers and stripes with beautiful patterns.
  • Agate is the perfect crystal to choose when you are looking for stability and grounding.
  • It’s steady rhythm radiates at a lower more gentle frequency connecting you to the mellow vibrations of nature.
  • It’s soothing and stress relieving and it will help to bring balance and a sense of peace and support when you feel scattered or overwhelmed by modern life.
  • Agate is one of the oldest gemstones and has been worn in jewellery since ancient times.
  • Wearing agate jewellery is a powerful way to connect with the stone’s energy throughout the day.

After reading this information I decided to make up a bracelet for myself with the 6mm Shungite and 6mm Agate beads and I absolutely love it, so much so, we decided to stock it as one of our main bracelets. I feel happy, grounded and 99% of the time relaxed! Maybe a lively 8 year old and various business deadlines might make up the 1% of stress but on the whole my emotions are in tact!

How to decide which Shungite and Crystal bracelet to buy?

Take a look at our brief guide to crystals and see which ones resonate with you. Then find a bracelet with your combination and select the one that jumps out at you.

We have four different clasp styles available:

  • sterling silver bar clasp
  • sterling silver bolt ring clasp
  • 14ct filled gold bar clasp
  • 14ct filled gold bolt ring clasp

We have a whole NEW range of bracelets for you to choose from and are happy to make ‘one off’ bracelets for you if necessary.

Please visit our Shungite Bracelets to see what we currently have on offer. We also now make a few earrings and will be making necklaces soon. It’s so much fun and our customers are super happy with their purchases. The crystals in combination with Shungite are proving very popular.

Please visit our Shungite Shop at to see our full range of Shungite jewellery and 3D objects for the home.

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