Developing a NEW website.

Here’s a blog with a difference… a behind the scenes look at what is involved in trying to deliver a professional looking website, on a budget with a limited (but now fast improving) knowledge of websites!

The words alone are enough to scare you half to death; SEO’s, meta descriptions, Instagram campaigns, facebook, image labelling, sizing for web, web design, profiling, branding and so it goes on… I felt like a rabbit in headlights to begin with but now I am starting to get my head round it all.

We had the great idea to design, update and manage our own website, well in-fact two as we are in the process of merging our original Angel of Hope website with our new parent company website Angel of Wellness. It is a huge undertaking and believe me at times I want to pull my hair out, today is one of those days.

There is so much to learn and do as well as running the day to day aspects of the business and don’t forget the schooling and family demands on time. I am of course very grateful to both our supporting families as it would have been so much harder without their input and special thanks to the teens in the house who can critic a website in seconds and are the hardest ones to please!

With limited skills our first website served it’s purpose and now that we offer a much wider product range, we needed to upgrade to a new website with a more modern, look and feel. It’s so much harder than one would think, all these questions to answer:

New website questions:

  • should we have large fullwidth images?
  • what font should we use and what size?
  • what should the linking buttons look like?
  • what do we want as the main headings in the menu bar?
  • what image of ourselves are we trying to portray?
  • how much extra information should we give?
  • what are our customers like?
  • do they like scrolling or clicking buttons or menus?

And that is just a few, we have hundreds like this to answer…. Help!

After a few hours not sure that we were making any progress it was simply time to take a break, get a drink and have a rethink. After a change of scene, we decided to go back to a piece of paper and pencil and sketch it all out from the beginning, page by page and logically work out what we wanted. It is a painful process but it will be worth it in the end. We are not quite ready to launch the new site with our NEW improved ‘easy to use’ shop but we will be sure to let you know as soon as we do.

A message to all those out there doing the same thing as us and feeling just the same, we send you so much love and admiration, it’s not for the faint hearted to undertake  a project like this. The personal growth, challenge and rewards are mind blowing however and no wonder at time, I want to pull my hair out!

Many thanks must go to the ever patient Eamon from Bright Spark Media in Marbella for his support during this time helping us pull this together. There has been much laughter and nearly tears but we are getting there and it will be up and running soon. Watch this space!

Just sharing my day and thoughts with you.

With love