What is Bioresonance at Angel of Wellness? How does it work? And when do you need our Bioresonance device or treatment?


“Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies.”  Albert Einstein


Bioresonance is linked to Electromagnetic Frequencies.

Every living thing has a different resonant frequency including the cells in a human body. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency.

For example, a computer screen moves at a specific resonant frequency but, because the atoms that make up the screen are so small you can not see or feel it moving.

Electromagnetic frequencies have been used to help people in pain since the 1920’s after Nikola Tesla invented the alternating current motor.

As we become older and the body is subjected to more stresses, the Ph level of the body lowers and becomes acidic. The oxygen levels in our cells drop causing our normally dormant bacteria to ‘wake up’ and start…  feeding on you!

The frequency of our bioresonance device helps destroy this awakened, active bacteria.


“If you want to find the Secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.”   Nicola Tesla


How does Bioresonance Work?

Have you seen the video on YouTube where a singer shatters a wine glass with their voice? The glass shatters because the frequency of the singer’s voice matches the resonant frequency of the glass causing its atomic structure to separate and shatter. You should take a look, it’s really fascinating!

Interestingly, different types of glasses positioned nearby remained undamaged, Why? This is because they had different resonant frequencies to the glass that broke.

The same applies to harmful pathogens in the body which are destroyed with 30KHz of frequency, literally shaking them to destruction.

Our NEW Angel of Wellness bioresonance device has been specifically designed to destroy these pathogens for you.

When would use a Bioresonance Device?

When you…

  • have symptoms that are making you feel unwell.
  • suspect that you might have bacteria, viruses and/or parasites in your body.
  • are suffering from flu or flu-like symptoms that keep returning.
  • are feeling exhausted or sluggish and don’t know why.
  • have you been exposed to harmful toxins.
  • are suffering with an illness that isn’t getting better.
  • would like to detoxify your body from pathogens.
  • want to improve your general health, well-being and improve your energy levels.
  • have you tried everything else and nothing seemed to work.


If any of the above resonates with you, then it’s time to try… 

our Angel of Wellness Bioresonance Device!

Cost: €180 (£160)


How does our Bioresonance Device Work?

  • Our non-invasive, hand held device gently helps destroy harmful pathogens (bacteria, viruses and parasites) from your body without damaging the healthy ones.
  • This device produces a resonant frequency in micro-amps from a small 9-volt battery (battery not included).
  • The 30kHz frequency vibrates at 30,000 times a second shaking the ‘bad’ pathogens to pieces.
  • The dead toxins are excreted via your bodies natural lymphatic system.
  • We recommend a gentle Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage if you have problems with your lymphatic system.
  • It will do NO harm to the rest of the human body as the resonant frequency of human cells is much higher.
  • This device is safe to use on all the family including children and animals.

do NOT use the device if you are pregnant or have any internal electrical devices, like a pace-maker.

We have also developed a unique Angel of Wellness Bioresonance Treatment with Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage available only in Mallorca and Estepona, mainland Spain.