“Angel of Wellness is an inspirational product range that embodies hope, energises life force and promotes healing of mind and body. I love the Angel of Hope necklace message that can be used symbolically as an object to be held during the many challenges that can be faced in life and grief that touches all our hearts.

Another of my favourite products is Shungite, this is an incredible stone that can be used for grounding and purification of water and air. I find that the stone helps me to sleep and I often hold a gratitude pebble if I feel anxious. Shungite can also be worn as an item of jewellery which I also enjoy.

I have recently started using Omnia stickers on my phone and devices as a protective mechanism from EMF, it centres and neutralises negative energy that rebounds from these products. All of the above in combination with the beautiful Doterra Oils that have an enormous range of physical and mental health benefits, purifying the air and surfaces in our homes.

I couldn’t recommend Angel of Wellness enough, created by two beautiful inspiring sisters Katharine and Nic.

With love Nat. x