Angel of Hope Jewellery

Angel of Hope Angels in Yellow and Rose Gold and Sterling Silver

Spreading Hope and Happiness around the World.

Our reiki blessed, angel inspired jewellery has been lovingly made for you, a loved one or someone in need of Hope, Love, Support and Protection.

Angel of Hope: The Beginnings

“When mum died in 2001 after a courageous 5-year battle with breast cancer, I was absolutely devastated. At her funeral, Janet her best friend, gave me a beautiful angel necklace to wear in her memory. I have worn it ever since and love it. Over the years this special angel has given me a huge amount of comfort and somehow a magical closeness to mum.

Often I hold and rub my angel in my fingers, especially during challenging times. I feel her energy and a sense of reassurance that everything will be ok. I was often asked about my angel necklace and after many years of thinking about making and selling them, I finally had the opportunity to do exactly that.

When I realised that I needed help to develop and launch this business who better to ask than my sister, Nic. She loved the idea and with her background working for a prestigious jewellery company in London, she had just the right skills and knowledge to bring the dream to the table and within months, Angel of Hope Ltd was formed. It was one of the best things I have ever done and I love working with my sister.”   Katharine x

“I am writing to say a big Thank You. I gave my sister a silver Angel of Hope necklace for her 50th birthday in June this year and she hasn’t taken it off since, she absolutely loves it! ”   Tanya Adams

“I just bought myself a 9ct yellow gold angel pendant after admiring these stunning angels for awhile. I am so happy with my necklace and I wear it with pride. People often ask me where I got it from, which is very complimentary.”      Livia Woodstock

Our Angel Process

Every ‘Angel of Hope’ piece of jewellery has been lovingly manufactured, processed and packaged before it has been delivered to you. Firstly, Steve and his team at the famous jewellery quarter in Birmingham make our angels. Every angel is hand crafted and handled at least 28 times before they are sent for extra polishing.

The angels then travel locally to Marie and her team at the Birmingham Assay office for lazer hallmarking. All gold, silver, platinum or palladium jewellery pieces over a certain weight must be hallmarked in the UK to confirm that they meet the legal standard.  A hallmark is a sign of quality and assurance.  Assaying is to determine whether the precious metal content of the alloy meets the required standard.

Angel of Hope Jewellery Hallmarks

The hallmark is totally unique to us. The three symbols, ‘A O H’ stand for ‘Angel of Hope’ our hallmark is found on the back of all our angels.  As our angels are hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office you will also see the anchor mark for Birmingham.


Angel of Hope jewellery has been made in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. No plastic has been used and our jewellery boxes are fully recyclable. Our business cards, promotional items and postage envelopes are made from recycled materials.

Angel of Hope Sterling Silver Necklace – Sept 2021

“My lovelies. How are you both. I just wanted to touch base and to say how much I love wearing my angel necklace.

It gives me a great deal of comfort, it really does and I don’t know why it took me so long to get one.  The best thing is that I wear it everyday and everyday I think of you both and am so proud at what you are doing and congratulate you on your business success.

I wish you all the love and luck in the world, you deserve it!”     Jill xxx

Reiki Healing

Every piece of our jewellery receives reiki healing and a cleanse in our sound bowls before it reaches you. Reiki is a wonderful way to bring healing and balance into your life. Because reiki is the enhancement and re-balancing of energies, you can use it on objects as well as on people to create a more peaceful, soothing, and harmonious environment for the receiver.  Each angel receives reiki healing from our lovely reiki practitioners, Tippy and Helen.

About our Eco-Angels

Our angels have been lovingly manufactured, hallmarked and packaged for you. Our jewellery boxes, marketing material, gift wrap and postage envelopes are all made from recycled materials and we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality jewellery whilst caring for the environment.

How to care for your Angel Jewellery

The best way to protect and look after your Angel of Hope silver, rose and yellow gold jewellery is to wear it!

Tarnishing is a natural process which happens to silver when it is exposed to air. Rose and yellow gold are not affected in the same way.

  • When you are not wearing your angel jewellery, please keep it safe in the ‘angel of hope’ box it came in, or in a jewellery pouch
  • Store your jewellery pieces separately to prevent scratching
  • To avoid tangling chains, fasten the clasps when you put your necklaces away
  • Precious metals react to some hairsprays and perfumes as well as chemicals found in cleaning products. We recommend that you remove your jewellery before showering and cleaning
  • To clean mildly tarnished silver, polish with a soft non-abrasive, lint free cloth. If the item is heavily tarnished, wash the piece first with a mild washing up liquid or environmentally friendly castile soap. Once washed, dry and polish
  • To green clean your silver jewellery, mix 2 drops of doTERRA’s lemon essential oil with one tablespoon of olive oil, mix well and apply with a soft cloth
  • To keep your supersoft dearskin leather at its best, do NOT wear in water


“What amazing service from Angel of Wellness. I bought 2 of the Angel of Hope sterling silver angels for my God Daughters. What an incredibly beautiful angel she is, very tactile and pretty to look at. Also a wonderful way of remembering a member of the family they have lost. I will most certainly be buying more great quality products from Angel of Wellness.”   Thank you Nicky and Katherine.

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