Dear AOH

“Thank you for starting this company with such a lovely products range and ever evolving ideas for wellbeing and thrival.  I adore the hand made soaps, they last for ages with beautiful smells.  

The wind chimes are amazing, the quality of the sound is so clear.  I bought one for myself that I find very soothing and relaxing when I sip my tea outside and a gentle breeze blows.  

All your products make such lovely gifts for others or delightful treats for me!  I also love the angel necklaces and have bought a number for special gifts for birthdays or grieving friends.  They have brought great comfort to all who wear them. 

The Shungite necklace goes with me where ever I go and I love the idea that it absorbs all the negativity around me so I can live in my happy bubble!

The doterra oils are a must too!“

Tippy xoxoxoxo