All Products

All Products

Angel of Hope Jewellery

Shungite Bracelets

Shungite Necklaces

Shungite Earrings

Shungite 3d Objects

Shungite Pyramids


Shungite Cubes


Shungite Spheres with Support


Shungite Spheres


Shungite Gratitude Pebble


Shungite Magnet


Shungite Stickers & magnets

Shungite Animal Harmonisers

Shungite Elite (98% carbon)

Shungite Paint (only available in Europe)

Omnia Radiation Balancing Stickers for EMF protection (ideal for all mobile devices)

Tesla Purple Plates for EMF protection and general health

Artisan Soap & Accessories

Zaphir Wind Chimes

Sound Bowls

Meditation Mask

Mala Yoga Beads

doTERRA Essential Oils

Kids Collection


Books & Angel Cards

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