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Energy Stick - Use to test that your Shungite is 'The Real Deal!'

Shungite for Water Purification

Shungite Powder and Chips (100g bags)

Shungite Bracelets

Shungite Bespoke BraceletsWe offer an online or in person bespoke Shungite and Crystal bracelet service where we create a bracelet specifically for you. For more information contact us on +34 693 033 943.

Shungite Necklaces

Shungite Necklaces with sterling silver chains

Shungite Earrings

Shungite 3d Shapes

Shungite Animal Harmonisers

Shungite Elite (98% carbon)

Omnia Radiation Balancing Stickers for EMF protection (ideal for all mobile devices)

Tesla Purple Plates for EMF protection and health

Artisan Soap & Accessories

Wash Bag


Soap Bag


Massage/Treatment Gift Vouchers

Functional Kinesiology Gift Vouchers

Bioresonance Device

Angel of Hope Jewellery

Zaphir Wind Chimes

Mala Meditation Beads

doTERRA Essential Oils - Single Oils

doTERRA Oil Blends

doTERRA 10ml Touch Roller Balls

doTERRA Body Care and Wellness

doTERRA Kits, Collections and Diffusers

Books & Angel Cards

Gift Vouchers for our Shungite Bee Project

“Thank you for starting this company with such a lovely products range and ever evolving ideas for well-being and thrival.  I adore the hand made soaps, they last for ages with beautiful smells. The wind chimes are amazing, the quality of the sound is so clear.  I bought one for myself that I find very soothing and relaxing when I sip my tea outside and a gentle breeze blows.  

All your products make such lovely gifts for others or delightful treats for me!  I also love the angel necklaces and have bought a number for special gifts for birthdays or grieving friends. They have brought great comfort to all who wear them.  The Shungite necklace goes with me where ever I go and I love the idea that it absorbs all the negativity around me so I can live in my happy bubble! The doterra oils are a must too!”   Tippy xxx

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