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Angel of Wellness

We, at Angel of Wellness are a sister run business who are passionate about improving health and reducing toxins. Nic is a Professional Functional Kinesiologist based in Hampshire, UK and Katharine (The Shungite Lady) is a highly qualified Massage and Bioresonance Therapist working from Esporles, Mallorca.

They fell in love with Shungite whilst researching electromagnetic raditation levels of 5G. Realising that the radiation levels have significantly increased, they decided to search for solutions. They discovered the harmonising and many other benefits of Shungite, a black mineraloid that enhances all life on Earth and now sell a wide variety of Shungite products.

The sisters are both dōTERRA Essential Oil Wellness Advocates who love sharing their knowledge of 100% pure grade essential oils. Nic makes soaps using dōTERRA oils and Katharine uses essential oils during her massage treatments. If you would like to know more, they run a variety of workshops or you can visit them, any Tuesday at one of their Open Days.


At Angel of Wellness, we also sell a variety of hand picked and artisan made products to help bring balance and harmony to you, your family and friends.

Our products include:

  • EMF protection products like Shungite, Tesla Purple Plates and Omnia Radiation Balancing Stickers
  • doTERRA Essential Oils
  • Bioresonance Device
  • Artisan Hand-Made Soaps and Accessories
  • Reiki Blessed Angel Jewellery
  • Wellness Books and Angel Cards
  • Zaphir Sound Healing Wind Chimes
  • Mala Yoga Beads


We love sharing our knowledge and passion and regularly run workshops and talks on a variety of wellness topics from Shungite and Bioresonance to an Introduction to Essential Oils or Green Cleaning Workshops.

We have Open Days every Tuesday from our homes in Spain and the UK if you would like to see our online products in person or to simply have a chat about Health and Wellness issues/concerns that you may have.

In 2019, Nic and Katharine created Angel of Hope Designs Ltd selling reiki blessed silver angel necklaces. Business was going well, they were loving working together across two different countries and were expanding their range to include rose and yellow gold angels. They also produced a silver angel charm due to feedback from their customers.

At the same time, Katharine was loving her work as a massage therapist but wanted to enhance her clients experience and decided to incorporate 100% pure therapeutic aromatic essential oils to her treatments. She was introduced to doTERRA’s beautiful oils and soon began using them in her work. Very quickly she noticed the positive benefits for herself, her family and her clients. She became a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and started sharing her knowledge with others, giving talks and workshops on oils and sharing them with everyone.

Nic, who had been a houseparent at an English boarding school was also ready for a new adventure. She was increasingly concerned about the toxins and chemicals used in and around the family home and Katharine’s timely introduction to oils was a godsend. Chemical free cleaning products, air fresheners, perfumes and then onto making her home-made soap was the way forward for her.

Then the world went into lockdown, the challenge of running and building a fledgling small business which relied on seeing, meeting and massaging clients began. More time at home gave them time for research and this curiosity led to an exploration into alternative health and natural remedies.  Their father had also died of cancer 7 years after their mother and this experience, lockdown and concern for the future of their families led them to ask more and more questions.

  • Why is it reported that cancer will affect 1 in every 2 of us?
  • What impact do electromagnetic frequencies have on our bodies?
  • What toxins are we exposed to?
  • How many and what metals do we have inside us?
  • Why has there been such an increase in asthma, ADHD and autism in our children?
  • How can we help to improve our sleep?
  • What can we do to help strengthen our immune system?
  • What can we do to help ground and balance ourselves?


Being a ‘solutions-based’ family, the flame was lit and they began to source practical solutions to reducing toxins for everyone.

Angel of Hope grew into Angel of Wellness and the creation of their online shop where a wide range of health and wellness products can be found. In addition to running Angel of Wellness, they both work as Wellness Advocates with doTERRA and Nic is studying to become a qualified Kinesiologist.

Our Dream

Our dream at Angel of Wellness is to help families and individuals find simple solutions to reducing the toxins in their lives. We hope that the products we sell and the treatments we offer bring balance and harmony to you and your family.

Our Mission

Our mission is to sell high quality and beautiful products. To give the highest quality treatments. To create a minimum footprint on our beautiful environment.

We Aim To:

    • Produce and source the highest quality products.
    • To expand our range of hallmarked angel jewellery.
    • To update and expand our range of treatments.
    • Adhere to our eco-policy at all times.
    • Work with like minded companies and individuals to produce our products.
    • Further develop our website, marketing materials and packaging to be accessible to all.
    • Develop a larger range of wellness products.
    • Deliver our products on time with love and care.
    • To develop stand alone displays so that products can be sold in various settings

Our Core Values:

  • Integrity – we act in a fair, ethical, open and honest manner.
  • Commitment – we believe in and love what we do.
  • Respect – we appreciate and respect our customers, our suppliers and each other.
  • Knowledge – we invest in our staff and ourselves to ensure that everyone has the right skills and knowledge to run Angel of Wellness
  • Customer focus – we are committed to the highest standards of performance in terms of the quality of service we give to our customers. We continually review our processes in line with our customer feedback.
  • Data protection – we ensure that any personal data you provide is securely protected.
  • Teamwork – we believe in working together to provide the best services for everyone


Our Eco-Policy:

We at Angel of Wellness are committed to minimising our impact on the environment. Our business practices prevent pollution and we commit to protecting the health and safety of all individuals affected by both our activities and advice.

We strive to ensure that NO single use plastic is used throughout our supply chain. We ensure that everyone we work with is as environmental conscientious as we are and share the same business values and beliefs.

We use recycled materials to make our boxes, packaging and all our marketing material and pride ourselves on sourcing the most eco-friendly products. We provide green cleaning advice on how to care for your products in an environmentally friendly manner.

Meet the Team

Nic Boddington

Nic studied Antiques and Chattels Valuation at Southampton University and holds the National Association of Jewellers Professional Diploma. She has worked with antiques and jewellery for many years, six of those at a prestigious jewellery company in London. Based in Hampshire in the UK, Nic looks after the supply chain and accounts as well as making the soap from her garden studio. She has a keen interest in permaculture and herbal remedies and is currently training to be a Functional Kinesiologist.  One of her goals is to fill her garden with medicinal and edible herbs and plants, she’s always on the hunt for tips on how to do this.

Katharine Tacon

Katharine has a BA (Hons) in Business and Leisure Management and a post graduate degree in Marketing.  After working in the corporate world she made a career change in her thirties and started working as a chef and massage therapist on super-yachts around the world.  After leaving the sailing industry and moving to Marbella in Spain, she started working as a massage therapist from home.  Katharine looks after the marketing and social media, gives talks on essential oils, shungite and wellness and has a passion for photography, permaculture, electroculture, herbal medicine and ‘following the fun!’.

Why choose Angel of Wellness?

Kind & Caring

We care about the products we offer and the people we work with and sell to.

Excellent Quality & Sustainable

We care about how our products are made and how sustainable they are and are proud that everything we sell can be recycled.

Family Run & Reliable

Angel of Wellness is a sister run business. We’re constantly juggling our households and work-life balance. We love what we do in between our school runs, homework and sporting fixtures!

Your Wonderful Products – Aug 2021

“Thank you for starting this company with such a lovely products range and ever evolving ideas for well-being and thrival.  I adore the hand made soaps, they last for ages with beautiful smells.  The wind chimes are amazing, the quality of the sound is so clear.  I bought one for myself that I find very soothing and relaxing when I sip my tea outside and a gentle breeze blows.  

All your products make such lovely gifts for others or delightful treats for me!  I also love the angel necklaces and have bought a number for special gifts for birthdays or grieving friends.  They have brought great comfort to all who wear them. The Shungite necklace goes with me where ever I go and I love the idea that it absorbs all the negativity around me so I can live in my happy bubble! The doterra oils are a must too!“   Tippy xxx

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