About our Angels - Our Story

About our Angels – Our Story

Our mother Annette died in 2001 (aged 51) after a 5 year battle with breast cancer.

At Mum’s funeral, Janet, her best friend gave Katharine a beautiful angel necklace to wear in her memory.  She has worn it ever since and it has brought her a huge amount of comfort and a magical closeness to Mum. She often finds herself holding it in her fingers during times of stress and sadness.  As a massage therapist people often asked about her necklace and in 2019 we decided to launch our range of reiki blessed angel jewellery and Angel of Hope Designs Ltd was created with the hope that our Angels could and would offer love, support and protection to others.

Katharine was loving her massaging but wanted to lift it to the next level and began to use more and more of doTERRA’s essential oils in her practice. At the same time she became a Wellness Advocate and started to share her knowledge with others.

Having worked for 6years as a houseparent and matron in a boarding school Nic was ready for a new venture. Becoming increasingly concerned about the toxins and chemicals used in and around the home, the discovery of essential oils was a godsend.  The ability to make up your own cleaning products, air fresheners, roller balls, and then to be able to make home made soap was the taking of the ‘red pill’ for her.

Then when you start asking more questions, look more in-depth into toxins, pollutants, stress and find out more about alternative health options the pieces of the puzzle all start linking together.  The following year we decided to expand Angel of Hope and created our new website Angel of Wellness to incorporate a wider product range for customers.

We’ve always been a solutions based and this interest led us to source practical solutions to various health and wellness issues.  We love working together with like minded people and love to support other creative souls. If you have a product that you think would compliment our range we would love to hear from you.

Email us at info@angelofwellness.co.uk


“I am writing to say a big Thank You. I gave my sister a silver Angel of Hope necklace for her 50th birthday in June this year and she hasn’t taken it off since, she absolutely loves it! ”   Tanya Adams

“I just bought myself a 9ct yellow gold angel pendant after admiring these stunning angels for awhile. I am so happy with my necklace and I wear it with pride. People often ask me where I got it from, which is very complimentary.”   Livia Woodstock

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