5 Easy Ways to Start Detoxifying your Life

1. Purify your drinking water using Shungite

  • Wash your Shungite by rubbing them with your hands or using a brush to remove any fine black powder.
  • Place 100g – 150g of standard/raw Shungite stones/pebbles (2 – 3 large pebbles or 6 – 9 small pebbles) or
  • Place 50g – 70 g of Elite stones into one litre of water.
  • Shungite starts filtrating the water straight away, but the longer you keep the Shungite in the water, the more effective it will be.
  • We at Angel of Wellness, have a couple of water jugs continually filled purifying our water and we simply top it up all the time.
  • It is however, recommended that for maximum effect leave the Shungite in water for 2 – 3 days, then your activated water will be ready to drink.
  • Shungite keeps indefinitely and does not need charging like crystals. To keep this preparation from accumulating any nitrates, chlorine etc, you may wish to put the pebbles in the sun every four to 6 months.
  • If the water you use is heavily chlorinated or polluted, we recommend changing the pebbles every two or three years.
  • Shungite Water, in small doses (half a glass in the morning) is also helpful for children. If they’re sick you can increase the dose to one or two glasses a day.
  • Both families at Angel of Wellness have been drinking Shungite water for the last two years (whenever we are at home) but it’s down to you to decide how much Shungite water to need to consume.

2. Remove Harmful Pathogens (Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Parasites) from your body using Bioresonance.

  • ow does our Bioresonance Device Work?

    • Our non-invasive, hand held device gently helps destroy harmful pathogens (bacteria, viruses and parasites) from your body without damaging the healthy ones.
    • This device produces a resonant frequency in micro-amps from a small 9-volt battery (battery not included).
    • The 30kHz frequency vibrates at 30,000 times a second shaking the ‘bad’ pathogens to pieces.
    • The dead toxins will be excreted via your bodies natural lymphatic system.
    • We recommend a gentle Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage if you have problems with your lymphatic system.
    • It will do NO harm to the rest of the human body as the resonant frequency of human cells is much higher.
    • This device can be safely used on all the family including children and animals.


    do NOT use the device if you are pregnant or have any internal electrical devices, like a pace-maker.

3. Use 100% natural soap on your body protecting your skin of toxins.

  • Today we use vegetable oils and butters combined with lye (sodium hydroxide). Once combined this is scented with essential oils, botanicals are added and poured into moulds. Once the soap has rested for 24 hours, the blocks of soap are cut and the bars are cured for several weeks to complete the saponification process.
  • Angel of Hope Designs Ltd (our trading name for Angel of Wellness) are members of the Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers. This stamp of quality shows that the soaps have passed CPSR Assessment (Cosmetic Product Safety Regulation), meeting all safety regulations and legislative guidelines in the UK and EU. It is not generally known that to legally sell a crafted soap, toiletry or any other cosmetic product within the UK and the EU legislative guidelines must be met. The reason for this is public safety.

4. Make your own 100% natural cleaning products with a few simple ingredients  like: Essential Oils, Vinegar, Bicarbonate of Soda, Castile Soap etc…

  • In today’s world of artificially high healthcare cost and artificial drugs, millions of people are returning to nature to find relief from everyday health concerns. While plants have been used for over a millennia to fight disease and to help ease pain and discomfort, individuals are increasingly beginning to rediscover some of the amazing health benefits of pure, natural essential oils.Essential oils are made from the roots, bark, leaves, stems, flowers, seeds and sap of plants, trees, bushes and herbs and they are highly concentrated and if they are 100% pure, they have wonderful therapeutic (corrective) benefits.

5. Comfort and reduce low vibration emotions with our high vibration, reiki blessed Angel of Hope necklaces, bringing Hope, Love, Support and Protection to the wearer.

  • Every piece of our jewellery receives reiki healing and a cleanse in our sound bowls before it reaches you. Reiki is a wonderful way to bring healing and balance into your life. Because reiki is the enhancement and re-balancing of energies, you can use it on objects as well as on people to create a more peaceful, soothing, and harmonious environment for the receiver. Each angel receives reiki healing from our lovely reiki practitioners, Tippy and Helen.
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