We have taken this information directly from the Omnia website and we, at Angel of Wellness, believe it is important to learn and discover more about EMFs and their effects on mankind.

“If you want to know the secret to the Universe, think in terms of energy, vibration and frequency.” Nikola Tesla.

1 – What is EMF?

EMF stands for Electro-Magnetic Fields. Another term used in conjunction with EMF is ‘Radio Frequency’ (RF) which stands for the means by which the EMFs are delivered. So the long version would be ‘RF-EMF’ but it is generally shortened to ‘EMF’ to denote that these are invisible, radiating electro-magnetic fields that are travelling in the same bandwidths as radiofrequency does, and they deliver packets of data to our mobile devices. Without EMF’s we would not see or hear anything on our phone!

To receive data on any device, an EMF Field must be broadcast from a Celltower or a Wi-Fi router. Celltowers are external to the home and are used by our Telco’s (such as Vodafone or AT&T) to broadcast data services over the air.

You may have heard that celltowers are receiving an upgrade from 4G (4th Generation) to 5G (5th Generation) Technology. It is anticipated that soon these celltowers will be appearing every 200 metres down the street and they will be broadcasting EMF’s to our phones, watches, laptops and any other portable smart devices.

An EMF field has a number of characteristics: it has range (how far it can travel), it has frequency (how fast the field is vibrating) and it has power density.

We are surrounded by these EMF’s in our everyday life – at work, at home, in the airport, at the supermarket.. they are everywhere. EMFs are the delivery mechanism which allows wireless devices to become more and more sophisticated and this encourages more convenient communication through the use of smartphones, wireless devices, and laptops.

Some people can’t go a day without one of these devices, but just how safe or harmful are EMFs? If you could see them they’d look something like this.

EMF Essentials

But when these invisible fields hit our bodies, what happens?

2 – EMF levels Exist on a Spectrum

The Electromagnetic spectrum is the range of all types of EM radiation, categorized by Frequency, which is the speed of the vibration of the field. The faster the vibration, the higher the frequency. The higher the frequency, the more heat is generated by that EMF.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Radiation spreads out as it travels away from its source and can be described in terms of a stream of mass-less particles, called photons, each traveling in a wave-like pattern at the speed of light.

The traditional science world has split EMFs between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. It classifies radiation depending on how much heat is produced by the vibrating energy field.

Ionisation is the term given to the process by which electrons are removed from their orbit around a particular atom, causing that atom to become charged, or ionised. Ionising, or ‘thermal’ radiation is considered dangerous because it shakes the electron of the atoms in our body, causing cellular harm.

Radiation that is not powerful enough to trigger this process is known as ‘non-ionising’ or ‘nonthermal’ radiation. The division between ionising and non-ionising radiation occurs in the ultraviolet (UV) range, which is why that range is split into UV-A and UV-B rays.

Radiation from phones and wireless devices falls under the category of ‘non-thermal’ and ‘non-ionising’ radiation. Because of this, the phone industry makes an assumption that all phone radiation is harmless and does safety testing to ensure that no phone causes heat above a certain level in human tissue called, SAR.

Still, biologists are finding cause for concern where wireless radiation is concerned. So then there must be another quality in the radiation field, other than heat, that causes disturbance in an atom.

We challenge this traditional view of radiation, and share science that re-classifies it. Instead of ‘ionising’ vs‘non-ionising’ radiation, our science shows that there is another quality in the radiation field that causes an effect on living organisms. Namely, the ‘centredness of the zero point’ in the wave field. In order to explain this we need to take a new look at the atom and understand everything in terms of ‘energy, frequency and vibration’.

To keep it simple, just remember one this: radiation is either ‘balanced’ and life-giving (like the Sun); or it is ‘imbalanced’ and destructive (like man-made radiation).

It depends on whether the radiation field is balanced or not and if it’s not, the next most important thing is how fast it is vibrating. Or in other words, what is the frequency of the (imbalanced) radiation field? As we move from 4G to 5G, the fields will increase in frequency from a limit of 2.6GHz to 24GHz and that is almost a ten-fold increase!

3 – EMFs May Not be Harmless

Before the advent of mobile phones, we never held electronic devices next to our ears or even our genitals for 5 hours a day.

There have been thousands of peer-reviewed studies which have shown that living animals (rats) exposed over sustained lengths of time to non-ionising radiation develop serious biological effects.

4 – Pregnant Women Should be Extra Cautious

It is well known that children and fetuses are the most at risk for exposure of EMFs. While there is a lot of information out there (and we will deep dive into these studies soon), we wanted to share just one here.

Asthma is the most prevalent chronic condition amongst children and a study we uncovered show there is evidence of a connection between maternal exposure to magnetic fields during pregnancy to the risk of asthma in their offspring. This was a prospective cohort study in Kaiser Permanente Northern California members in the San Francisco area. All participants in this study carried a meter to measure their EMF levels during pregnancy, and asthma was clinically diagnosed within 626 children who were followed for up as long as 13 years. Every 1-mG increase of natural EMF exposure level in pregnancy was associated with a 15% rise rate in asthma of the offspring.

Maternal Exposure to Magnetic Fields During Pregnancy in Relation to the Risk of Asthma in Offspring. De-Kun Li, MD, PhD; Hong Chen, MPH; Roxana Odouli, MSPH (click here)

5 – Protection from Microwave Radiation

The most important thing to remember when it comes to protecting yourself from EMFs is that there are three risk factors:

Proximity – how close are you to these radiating fields? Are you touching them, typing on them? Proximity is the principle risk factor.

Exposure – how much time are you spending on these devices all day? Some people have screen times of over 7 hours!

Strength of Signal – are you downloading masses of data or video files? The more data you process, the more radiation you are exposed to and the higher the strength of the signal (i.e. 5G carries higher frequencies than 4G), the higher the risk.

The best thing you can do is to reduce your exposure overall. Click here for an article about how to protect yourself from 5G.

6 – Be Cautious of High Level Radiation

High-level radiation is also found in X-rays and medical devices. While this can be beneficial in medicine, it can come with longer-term side effects so if it isn’t necessary, be cautious when allowing yourself to be xrayed. This includes the very high volume of EMFs at the walk-through machine at the airport. If you’re EMF sensitive, request a pat-down at airport security.

According to the World Health Organisation, high doses of high-level radiation can cause serious health effects such as skin burns or acute radiation syndrome when not used correctly or contained.

7 – Ultraviolet Radiation is still EMF

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation comes from the sun. We are all exposed to the natural UVA and UVB radiation from the sun, and an escalating number are exposed to artificial UV from black lights, electrical arc, and tanning beds. According to the WHO, these types of radiation can lead to exacerbating skin cancers.

8 – The International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection Sets the EMF Guidelines

The International Commission on non-ionizing radiation protection (ICNIRP) maintains International guidelines for EMF exposure “based on major reviews by the World Health Organization (2014), the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (2015, 2016, 2018), the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (2015), as well as individual studies identified following those reviews.” That means, in theory, if your EMF exposure falls below the guidelines set but the ICNIRP, you should not experience any negative health effects.

Click Here for the 2020 Guidelines

9 – You can Measure Your Exposure

It wouldn’t be a list of EMF Essentials without showing you how you can measure your own exposure. You can (and should) purchase an EMF meter online to keep check of all EMF radiations throughout your appliances in your home. If you’re looking for a great choice, the EMF Academy has a list of the best EMF meters. The unit you need to measure is either ‘volts’ or ‘gauss’.

10 – There are Experts Out There Raising the EMF Alarm

There are a lot of experts out there that are warning about the safety of the EMFs, especially when it comes to 5G and exposure to untested radiation at such high levels.

One of these experts is Dr. Martin Pall. He linked EMF’s to the overloading of calcium in human cells, which is widely observed as the foundation of all diseases that have shown up in thousands of tests. Here’s a video of Dr. Pall sharing his findings at Washington State University.

However it is important to note that no one in the Biology world truly understands why these calcium effects occur. This is where Omnia comes in – we can explain exactly what it is in a radiation field (other than ‘heat’) which disturbs the electrical current in living organisms.

Another important voice in this debate is Dr. Devra Davis, who runs the Environmental Health Trust website and on their site you will see masses of biological studies and all their conclusions on the impact of exposure to EMFs, from cancers to endocrine system damage to DNA strand breaks to diabetes and even cognitive impairments. All of these effects have been found because the impact is on a vibrational level and we are vibrational beings.

11 (for Good Measure) – There are Products that Can Help

There are a lot of EMF protection brands out there. You can buy anything from shielding clothes and hats to apps that make your phone emit safe energies. We believe the Omnia Radiation Balancer is the best in class. Our reasoning for this is that we test on the human body to show how it reacts once we have harmonised the radiation fields and the results have always been excellent.

The ORB is designed to create a new resonance between the Microwave Radiation Field and the energy field of the Human Body.

We at Angel of Wellness sell and promote the use of Omnia stickers for all mobile electronic devices and to use them where space is an issue.

We also sell and promote Tesla Purple Plates and the incredible 100% natural mineraloid Shungite for EMF protection.