Welcome to Angel of Wellness

Since 2019 we have been working together as sisters to help our clients manage and ultimately reduce modern day stress and anxiety. If internal and external stressors are not addressed a negative and toxic effect on our wellbeing may occur.

We set up Angel of Wellness with a mission to find and provide simple solutions to reduce toxins.  By empowering our clients to make small changes and consider different choices, simple positive steps towards wellness can be achieved.

We are both therapists. Katharine is a massage/bioresonance therapist working from Esporles in Mallorca and Nic is a functional kinesiologist based in Hampshire in the UK. Our Angel of Wellness products have helped both of us on our own wellness journeys and we are delighted to be able to share them with you.

If you would like to come and see us in person, then please book an appointment or alternatively come and meet us at one of our Tuesday Open Days.

Who are Angel of Wellness Customers and Clients?

  • They are concerned about radiation levels and have questions about EMFs
  • They have heard about the amazing qualities of Shungite and want to find out more
  • They are interested in reducing chemicals from their cleaning products
  • They are looking to make their own cleaning products with Essential Oils
  • They would like to discover more about how to use Essential Oils
  • They have questions about whether their beauty products are toxin free and are looking for alternatives
  • They have niggling health issues such as IBS, PCOS, hormonal and menopause issues
  • They have health symptoms and are looking to find the root cause of their illness
  • They are struggling with either stress, anxiety, grief or a combination of these emotions


If any of the above resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you.

With love Katharine and Nic xx


Katharine is a Massage Therapist and Wellness Consultant living in Esporles, Mallorca. She is passionate about Shungite, giving regular talks and she also consults on how best to incorporate Shungite for your health, in your home and outdoors in nature.

Katharine loves gardening, electroculture and essential oils. She spends most of her time running around after her ten year old, dogs, cats and her three very entertaining chickens!


Nic is a Functional Kinesiologist and Wellness Consultant practicing in Titchfield, Hampshire, UK. She has been working with Katharine for four years to help people reduce internal or external toxins and to live both better and healthier lives.

Nic is passionate about permaculture, natural remedies and working with essential oils. She lovingly hand makes all our soaps and is a busy mum with two very active teenagers!

Our Products

ShungiteEMF Protection, Purifying Water and Health

Shungite bracelets, necklaces, 3d shapes, harmonisers, ‘Buddy’ bears and stones for water purification.

Angel of Hope JewelleryReiki blessed Angel inspired Jewellery

Reiki blessed Angel Inspired Jewellery, Pendants, Charms and Necklaces in solid Sterling Silver, 9ct Rose and 9ct Yellow Gold.

Artisan SoapsNic's handmade natural soaps

Our soaps are scented with therapeutic essential oils.  In this section you will also find hand-thrown Soap Dishes, and beautifully crocheted Scrubbies and Soap Bags.

Omnia Radiation Balancing Stickersfor EMF Protection

Omnia Radiation Balancing Stickers for EMF Protection for all electronic devices


doTERRA Pure Grade Essential Oils100% Pure Grade Essential Oils for everyone

We give regular workshops on how to essential oils.

Wellness Books and Accessoriesfor sound healing, mediation and education

Zaphir Wind Chimes, Sound Bowls, Meditation Mala Beads, Angel Cards and Books.

Our Services

Massage in Esporles, MallorcaMassage & Bioresonance with Katharine

Katharine offers a wide variety of massage treatments including Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and Lymphatic Drainage. She also works with bioresonance.

Shungite Advise and Consultancyemail for more information

We are available to visit your home in person or via Whatsapp video call to advise you on how to harmonise the EMFs at your home, office or garden.

Kinesiology in HampshireFunctional Kinesiology with Nic

Functional Kinesiology is a holistic approach to health, where muscle testing is used to detect energy imbalances in the body.

Shungite Bee Project Mallorca
Discover how we are helping the bees
Buy Shungite Chips and Powder today

Shungite Bee Project

Angel of Wellness linen bag with 21 shungite chips

Shungite Chips

Linen Angel of Wellness Bag with 100g of Shungite Powder

Shungite Powder

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How to read hallmarks on Angel of Hope Jewellery

A hallmark is an official mark or series of marks struck on items made of metal, mostly to certify the content of noble metals, such as platinum, gold, silver and in some nations, palladium…

Homemade Artisan Soap Bars

There has been a huge focus on washing our hands over the last couple of years but the constant washing and sanitising can be damaging and drying to the skin

Introducing our NEW health range of 100% natural soaps, soap bags, scrubbies and soap dishes

We first introduced Angel of Wellness in the UK at our local Christmas school fete in December 2019 just before the world was locked down in March 2020.

NEW ‘Chembechembe’ Shungite bracelet with crystals and bar clasp

‘Chembechembe’ means ‘Crystal’ in Swahili. We decided to name our bespoke range of handmade bracelets in loving memory of our mother, Annette,

Life as a Healthytarian!

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Gratitude – What does it means to me?

I decided to take a market stall at Cat’s Kitchen (a local restaurant in Estepona, Spain) to see what the general public would make of our products.

Which essentials oils do I use during a massage treatment?

I am a holistic massage therapist living and working near Marbella in Spain. I have been massaging since 2007

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New Product – Shungite Bracelets

.Launching a new product. There is nothing more exciting than launching a new product to compliment an existing range of products, especially when you are making them yourself! Both my sister and I have always been interested in jewellery or making/selling jewellery. We now have the opportunity to share our creations with you. Shungite Harmonising […]

10 Electromagnetic Frequency Essentials written by Omnia

We have taken this information directly from the Omnia website and we, at Angel of Wellness, believe it is important to learn and discover more about EMFs and their effects on mankind. “If you want to know the secret to the Universe, think in terms of energy, vibration and frequency.” Nikola Tesla. 1 – What […]

How to make soap using the cold process technique

An Introduction to Soap Making – by Nic I am no chemist, History is my subject. I spent most of my Chemistry lessons doodling on lab coats or hiding under the desk while Dr Proctor tried to wow us with chemical explosions! If you had asked me back then what I would be doing in […]

Essential Oils for Chickens

How to use Essential oils with Chickens. You may think that I have gone a little crazy using essential oils for chickens but hey, why not? They are brilliant, 100% natural and if used with care and caution they are very effective. Our chickens are really healthy and living proof that they work wonders. So… […]

Shungite: How to make Shungite Elite Water

Shungite Elite for Water Purification Due to the high carbon content of Shungite and especially Shungite Elite (98% Carbon), it is the ideal product to use for water purification. Shungite Elite purifies: chlorine compounds nitrates copper magnesium iron it cleans up visually dirty water eliminates sour tastes removes heavy metals removes toxic bacteria Fact: Peter […]

Shungite Gratitude Pebbles

Gratitude Rocks or Pebbles are becoming increasingly more popular as people continue in their search for happiness and for ways to help improve their mental health and life in general. The entrepreneur, life and business coach, Lee Brower made a wonderful contribution to a book called ‘The Secret’, a book about the power of positive […]

Shungite: How I discovered Shungite

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nicola Tesla.   During the first lockdown in March I had time to stop and reassess many aspects of life including what was important to me. I couldn’t work as a massage therapist and overnight my income […]

“My lovely friend Katharine and her sister Nic have set up this beautiful company distributing many products! My favourite is the Shungite which I wear as jewellery. I have large pieces of Shungite near to my wifi router to protect against man-made radiation and smaller ones in my water bottle to purify my drinking water. I wear my lovely angel every day and have had the privilege of gifting a few friends Angels of Hope necklaces so that they can enjoy them as well! Great girls, fantastic products and I always feel happy supporting local businesses! Big love thank you.” ❤️ Love Audrey

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